Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Something out of (almost) nothing

Those of you who are familiar with Shimelle will know she's got a class starting today,  Something from Almost Nothing. So here's my offering.

I've used brads I didn't know I had, eyelets that have been knocking about for years and some scraps. Fairly chuffed with the result (hated it partway through mind!) It helped me use some stuff up though, which is good.

Actually had a sucessful few days, ordered my photo's for the Gogo getaway, scrapped, blogged and studied! See how long I can keep going!

In other news, my sister has finally regained a little independance and spent over an hour at the library, making her own way there and back. WOOP!


Kirsti said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday and well done for joining in the worldwide phenomenom(sp?)that is blogland - I got of to a shaky start and gave up after a while and then decided to go for it and once I got it I really got the rest of the week...Kirsti xxx

Alix said...

ooh yay you've gotten off to a great start...i love all your wiggledy piggledy brads around the circle...i might have to try that...shimelle will be cross with me...i haven't started yet! lol