Friday, 12 March 2010

*Cough* *Splutter* *Bleurgh*!!!

The title says it all. I've had what I thought was a bit of a cold all week...

Been living off these things and come this morning, thought I could go it alone. BAH! Now it appears to be tonsillitis. *Sulk* So I'm off to the emergency clinic shortly to *hopefully* be supplied with antibiotics. The joy! (Note sarcasm...) So here I am feeling rather sorry for myself, like you hadn't already guessed, making you all suffer too! *Mwahahaha*

Actually, I do have something more than me whinging to blog today.
The Boy showed up last night at around midnight, although I was rather sleepy, I was sooo chuffed to see him carrying...

These beauties, which my sister has very kindly arranged into vases for me :)

I also finished off a page, my cat, Metro, was thrust out into the cold snow, which the boy has been wanting to do for ages and I felt it was a damn good photo op! She wasn't too pleased, but I love the page!

The journalling reads:
The Boy has been threatening to put Metro in the middle of the garden when it's been snowing for AGES! In January 2010 he got his wish... As you can see, kitty was NOT impressed!

Anyway, that filled in the time quite nicely. Off to see a GP and get sorted. :)


Claireliz said...

Right there with ya hun, not tonsilitis as I had them taken out when I was 15 but definitely coughing, spluttering & sneezing

Sally said...

Hope you feel better soon - not nice I know ;(

Kirsti said...

Oh dear, hope you are better soon...take care...xox