Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Home and dry

I'm home, looking forward to a well earned Easter rest. I had an AMAZING time. I've also got blogging material for a while too. I'm not going to bombard you with everything now *lol* It was great to meet so many people IRL and some fabulous women who made the weekend. So, to business. Before I went away, I said I had a couple of things to show you. My sister brought me a gorgeous mug.

My pretty kitty hiding in a box :) I LOVE it :D:D At the moment it's being used to store my Pink Paislee Glitter Stix after my "accident" last week!

Shiny, shiny, shiny :D I LOVE glittery goodness!

Anyways, Go-Go getaway..

This was my bed for the weekend. So comfyy and cosy. The hotel staff were fabulous. Nothing was too much trouble. On arriving in the Crop Room we were each greeted by:

Nom nom nom...
After all this, I'm only going to share the first class with you today, I'm still unpacking and sorting things out. Eileen was our tutor, had fun with UT embossing powder and pretty much assembled these two 6x12 LO's. It was a great way to show the ways different papers can be used, there's only 3 patterned papers in these but it looks like more.

It was lots of fun to do and the embossed circles are really shiny :D But on my return I discovered I need a new album to house my LO's. Over the weekend, the Go-Go design team converted me to AC D ring albums, so the order is in, I now need to await delivery and consider decoration... See you all tomorrow :D


Sarah said...

Your LO's are fab, love that size paper.
Unfortunately my mojo has upped and left me, many months ago, hopefully one day it will return. Happily making cards for the time being.
Glad you had a good gogo w/end.

Alix said...

wow the weekend looks great...i'd love to sleep in that bed...after all that chocolate...no wonder they gave you a face flannel and a toothbrush! lol