Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The big news

For those of you not on the Go-go forums or my Facebook, I have some rather amazing news, amazing for me that is.

While we were in New Zealand, The Boy proposed, and I said yes! It all took place at Lake Tekapo on the south island in a little restaurant lakeside (which was packed!)

So, I'm now engaged! And since I'm super chuffed with the ring (I always said I wanted something like a pendant, but The Boy is a traditionalist and I actually love the ring in a way I never thought I would) here's a picci.
 No date set as yet, we're thinking Summer 2013 the way finances are looking. But I have stocked up on bridal mags as I had no idea where to start!

I'm currently uploading our holiday snaps (over 500 of them!) to be printed and hoping to be back in the scrap room soon!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Home safe and sound

So, two months since I last blogged! Can't quite believe it. I've soo much catching up to do and so many stories to tell.

Firstly, New Zeland was awesome! I'm currently going throught the oodles of photos I took and will be ordering/scrapping/blogging them over the next few days... months... years.

Yes, the Boy returned mid Feb, all limbs still attached, all organs fully functional and most imponrtantly, conscious!

So now I'm off to look at everyone elses blogs and catch up a bit. Promise the next gap won't be two months!!!