Saturday, 11 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas take 3

At long last! There is a bit of thaw! Walking in over a foot of snow  is bl**dy hard work!

Caught up on my study, pressies pretty much sorted, New Zealand tickets purchased, hotel sorted for The Boy's return. Quite a productive December so far. Sorry I've not been about. :)

So, who's doing Shimelle's JYC??
This is the third year I've joined in, although it's the first time I've actually made my pages at the time rather than creating it later. So far so good. (Actually, I've just caught up from being away last weekend)
So, I wanted to share it with you.

This is my album (stitching chipboard, the dot on the j was a right pain!)

 I'm only going to show you the first three pages, as that's all I've photographed!!!

It reads:
Remember, remember the first of December
The start of Christmas each year.
With presents to make and cookies to bake,
Why not record the cheer?

I'm quite proud of it TBH!
Page two:
One of my collegues said this to me, I thought it made a good title, especially given the snow we've been having.

And finally page 3. This one's two pages since I {heart} this year's Christmas stamps! Seriously, take a look here. I simply had to include them. I've used the miniture set.

And since I've had a good catch up I should be back tomorrow to show you the others :)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Let it snow... Again!

So far, we've had about a foot of snow since Wednesday night. And there's no sign of it stopping. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but getting the cat to the V E T takes some planning! Getting to be work will be good fun too now the snow comes over my boots!

Anyhow, I have a LO to show you

Marti the *uber* sticky gekho. I had great fun with this one!

We're now sorting out my scrapping space as the conservatory is needed for the Christmas tree. So I'm shifting everything about!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Who say's the good die young?!

Today is a bit of a sad day for me, it's my paternal grandma's funeral.
She passed away in her sleep last month and we're now going to say goodbye. She was 94 and a marvellous woman.

I did this LO just after she died. It's one of the few photos we have of her in recent years.
She will be missed greatly.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's the season...

for illness! Yup, I have lurgy! woohoo. However, I have finished that blasted essay. I'd forgotton how difficult concentrating while having a cold is.

Anyway onto other things. I've a couple of LO's to share and something for Beki...

This is Metro, she decided the chair was an appropriatebed and my sister put a cushion on top of her! I used Septemebr's Go-go kit and some of Dyan's mica sprays. I'll link them when her site is back up!

This next one is one I did just after the getaway. The photo isn't all that good (sorry)
 I even used some sassafrass!

And for Beki... The Boy in uniform :)
Right, off to continue my busy day!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Due to popular demand!

I'm going to keep this a bit short as I have been told I've got either RSI or Carpal Tunnel. Either way, my wrist is sore, so want to give it time to heal (and I have an essay to write!)

Today, I wanted to share my last couple of getaway classes with you.

First up, Lorraine's class.

See those dimples around the side of the photo? They were made with a dressmakers wheel. Very funky.

And another of Helen's classes (she gives you chocolate you see!)
There is a little story from this class, Helen reckons The Boy has a bit of George Clooney in him. Now since I'm always being told by said Boy I have crap taste, I thought I'd leave it to others to decide. The Go-go verdict was "dishy/hot/cute..." What do you gals think?

With that, I'm of to rest my wrist. And somehow write an essay!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A little more sharing

I swear I have an RSI developing in my wrist after all that distressing at the weekend!

Thought I'd show you a few more LO's
This first one was a Getaway class, one of Helen's. The photo is my sister (at a much younger age)

The background, with the red, blue and yellow borders painted on is actually a veneer! It was great to work with and it looks SO much better IRL. You can see the vibrancy of the colours and the shimmer in the paint.

This is the second of Nicola's classes that I did over the weekend: Worn me down

As you can see, lots of distressing and I'm blaming it for the RSI. (Or as I originally and crudely put it: Wankers Cramp; an unfortunate side effect of paper distressing. (methinks I've been dating a squaddie too long!))

I have to add that I love all the class LO's so much. Each time I go to a retreat, I learn so much more about my scrapping style. I've got four more getaway LO's to show you, but they can wait a little while.

This next LO was made with September's go-go kit
I have scrapped these photo's before, but they just amuse me so.

Finally, I wanted to share this, another Go-go LO

I'm really chuffed with this one, it's had a little ink and glimmer mist and the circles have been embossed with UTEE. I really do love the way it's worked :)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 1 November 2010

A little more get up and Go-go!

I'm home, ok, so I have been for about 24 hours. But that's not the point!

The weekend was truly amazing, Team Go-go have surpassed themselves. The shop was filled with such goodies, I overspent (no surprises there mind!) I've actually got quite alot of stuff to show you, not just the class LO's. I can't share them all with you today, you'd be here forever!!! But I can make a start. You've seen a couple of the LO's I did (here)

This first one was the last class I did with Kirsty W It was a hybrid class and great fun to do 

And this was one of Nicola's classes: Bloomin' Ribbon
 I love this, we made the ribbon across the bottom. It was originally stitched onto  a strip of the same blue organza but it wasn't ridgid enough so I restitched it onto some black ribbon.

It was great to put names to faces and meet some old friends. Here's a picci of Me, Chloe and Nat which I have rather shamelessly nicked from Beki since I didn't take many photo's myself (BTW, was great to finally meet you Beki!)

I had my photo taken by the fabbi Kirsty Wiseman

I really love them, it was so hard to choose only three though.

Thank you so very much to Lorraine, Janice and Team Go-go For a fabbi weekend. Beki, Clare, Sam, Nat, Natalie and Chloe (to name a few) for keeping me sane! I'll be back soon with some more.

Saturday, 30 October 2010


It is the end of day two at the Getaway Hotel. The delegates have attended five classes and only two remain.

Ok, p!*s take over. Sorry, didn't sleep well last night and I'm shattered. Just waiting for my bath to cool and winding down a little. Turned on the TV and he first thing that confronted me was the news, solider shot dead in Afghanistan. Just what I wanted to hear! *sigh* so a little bit het up now (have switched it off, nothing on anyhow!)

It also means I get to show you a little of what I've been up to here. I missed rush hour on Friday *woop* and arrived in the crop room to this beauty.

 Opened it up to discover...

Well impressed! Sugar = Scrap/study energy boost!

I'm not going to show you everything tonight, it's too late for that. But I will share a class LO and one of my own. The first class I did was Tree Top Tales by the wonderful Sheena. The cutting out at 21:30 after a loong day traveling was bloody difficult! The Lo isn't quite finished, but I need to have a good think first. Here it is so far:
I then flopped into this lovely bed
And true to form, didn't sleep!

So, before I leave you all to have a go at sleeping round two, here's the other LO I promised you.

Made with the October Go-go kit and some cardstock from my stash.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Operation Paper packages

I'm sure the hardest part about retreats is the packing, not of clothes, photo's and stash! It's taken pretty much the entire weekend! However, I am now sorted. I've a sore back from taking my stash downstairs then up again.

So what am I taking I hear you cry. Well, October's Go-go kit, as it's a ready made one and a few extra bits of cardstock and this

A few pretty papers and cardstock and bits. I'm actually quite proud of myself, it's the first 'kit' I've put together for me to use. I've also got my tools down to one dinky box too. How good am I!!!

 Before I go pack, I wanted to show you another of the LO's I've done over the last month. It showcases one of Metro's summer wonders in the garden (she never normally leaves it, except for today when she disappeared for 30 mins, which is a loooong time for her, rascle!)

The flower in the corner is part of some Jillibean Soup packaging with the embroidery thread wrapped around. It looks effective but was such a pain!!! I can't take credit for it though, Nicola's LO that started it and I know the wrapped thread came from somewhere but I can't remember where!! If it's you, let me know and I'll link it up!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Operation Snap and Nearly November?!

Seriously?! Where did October go?! It's been absolute chaos! Visiting family, travelling, organising, stressing you know, the usual 'life in the way' kinda thing. Then, about a fortnight ago, I couldn't access blogger, it just kept redirecting me. However, this appears to be sorted... On the plus side, I do have stuff to show you!!

Since I'm away next weekend (Go-go Getaway *bounce*) I wanted to show you some stash. My mum kindly found space in her suitcase for an order from Two Peas in a Bucket.

Plenty of goodies. I'm planning on joining along with Shimelle's JYC again (never know, I might finish), hence the red and peppermint theme! Can't wait to use some of these.

I've also done some scrapping (I know!) So I do have a few LO's to show you and now need a new album! Most of theme were made using the September Go-go kit.

You can't see the dimension so well in the main photo, but it can't go in my album, it'll get too sqwished!

Speaking of the Getaway, Operation Snap has been completed successfully (from my end at any rate!). My pics for the classes (along with a few extra's) have been ordered. Next up, Operation Paper Packages (aka: additional stash to take)!

I shall bid you all a good night and if I can still get on blogger tomorrow, try and catch up with you all!!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Etsy Friday: Pocket Money Embelishments

Question: What happened to last week?! Who nicked it! It's Friday again :D I like Fridays. Last day of the working week (or sometimes my day off if I have to work Saturday) and I get to share what I've been eying up during the week!
So, since it's payday (for me at any rate) I decided not to tempt you all with pretty shoes, tiaras, expensive things. I had a look round at things for scrapping... So, in the words of a well known shopping channel, "It's time for today's Hot Picks!"

Ephemera Inspiration

Bitty Kit is a little kit of ephemera, 20 pieces infact all for the princley sum of £3.00. It's all vintage bits and lets face it, vintage ephemera isn't all that easy to get your hands on in smaller quantities and prices!

Pastel Fabric Tape

I love this stuff! It's quite hardy and looks like fabric! (possible because it is, it's just easier to stick down!) Good on mini books and LO's and for thing where a bit of grip is required (think glass jars!)

Bakers Twine

I've seen how much some places charge for this stuff! But it is amazing on projects. Tags, wrapping and even baked goodies! This particular link is for the lime green and white variety. But if that's not your flavour, Check out SupplyOwl's shop. She's got red and white and blue and white too.

Seam binding

For all you dressmakers out there, put your binding to good use in scrapping. It's super cheap and durable. Try edging your paper for a really unusual look. or use it as ribbon if you like. You can also use it to bind minibooks, but you need MAJOR amounts of patience!

Digital designs

Before you screech "I don't do digi!!!" and move on, bear with me, promise it's worth it. You can use digital designs as part of your page (like you didn't already know) Not only that, you can get almost any design and any colour. I've found maps, cards, papers the lot! Just try searching, see what you find. These are intended as ATC's. But I have LO plans for these and some Stampoutiqe stamps if no-one gets in first!

Embossed paper buttons

I've been gagging for a Martha Stewart embossed button punch since I first saw it about 9 months ago! However, punches are expensive and I want to be sure I'll use it before I buy. When I first saw these (and others) on Etsy, I thought "what's the point, I could make my own" The point is, they're cheap, cheaper than real buttons. You can get pretty much any colour you want and you have a tonne to play with before committing to the expense!

I hope they inspire you to do something! Happy scrapping!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Etsy Finds: SHOES!!!

*Holds up hands, takes deep breath* My name is Jenny and I'm a shoe-a-holic.

Even if you don't like these Tinkerbelle Ballet Flats take a look at some of the others in Spirocreations. There are a couple of other flats that are really pretty too.

Seriously though I love shoes and boots. Especially the ones with a pointy heel. I never thought of Etsy as a place to buy shoes but there are some damn pretty ones which are testing my willpower! I have a sneaking suspicion The Boy is looking over at my screen and rolling his eyes as I drool over the shoes... And the cat is in cahoots too! She's sitting on my purse and won't budge! BAH!

Bootie-licious. I have *no* idea how the name links to them. But I ADORE these soo much!

To be honest, after 5 days, I think my willpower is holding out well. Just make sure you hide any payment devices before you look round the rest of the shop!!!

Now, I {heart} spikey stiletto heels. I have a pair of 8" heels (stop wincing, they aren't that bad) which have a 4" platform and are the most comfy pair of boots I own! However, for those of you now suffering from vertigo, try these ladies.

Eco-Chic Ballerina Flats

Lots of colours available too.

Or, if you prefer a more casual look to your heels, why not try wedges. Like these Purple Floral Wedges.

Or these Teal Polka-dots!

I actually think these are rather classy. I know my love of heels has overtaken this post a little so I was looking for something with *that* style but not the kind you need a ladder to climb into.
I found these babies by Jellyfish. The heel is 2 1/2"  so *just* over kitten but not vertigo stylee! They look awesome too!

So, to that end, I'm off to spend time with The Boy who is indeed rolling his eyes at the shoes on screen! Have a great weekend (and check out what I did with my Hambly transparacy here. (shameless self promotion is a wonderful thing!))

P.S If you do order anything shoewise form anywhere, check the sizing!!! If you're not sure e-mail the seller!!!

P.P.S If you struggle to walk in high heels, here's a couple of tips... (*dances about cheering* I managed to embed it all by myself!!!)

Courtesy of Sasha {loves}

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Sooooo about two weeks ago, I told you I'd done 5 LO's, only showed you 4 though.

Without further ado, here is Cake!

Sadly, my photographic skills lack a certain something. But nevermind. It was for a challenge on The Studio's blog and gave me an excuse to play with my MS cupcake border punch. :D Not that I need excuses mind you...

I used a Hambly transparancy for the background. When I'm awake enough to figure out a link for those that want to know, I'll edit! *lol* It was a bit of a pain I must admit, especially getting a photo! I didn't want the back to look like a storm of glue dots had hit it either. Which is partly why the yellow card is behind the transparancy, that and it looked better and added depth. (Ooh! get me, all technical! *lol*)

Now, breakfast and waking up...