Thursday, 10 May 2012

Saucer Paws!!

As well as wedding planning, life goes on. One expensive vet bill later, I have one miffed cat with a saucer-sized paw! Poor mite was on a drip for 28 hours! Ok, so I'd better start at the beginning.


Fluffy, little overweight, small head, legs an paws, BIG tummy.
See, I told you she has a big tum!

So, she's now a smidge under 16 years old. In the 6 years she's owned me, I've had no major dramas *touch wood* with the exception of an overactive thyroid around 18 months ago. Given her age and there are risks associated with removing both thyroids at the same time, we decided to only remove the one. At the beginning of March 2012, there was an increase in her drinking

And alot of not waiting patiently, but noisily by the food bowl.

 So, another trip to the VET was in order. And sure enough, overactive thyroid. After 4 weeks on tablets, she was booked in for her op. One of her kidney levels was a little too high, as the medication dosage was rather high, we decided to reduce the tablet strength and hopefully, this would reduce the kidney levels. Two weeks later, no such luck. So, one urine sample to check kidneys are functioning properly and she was put of fluids overnight as dehydraition could have been the cause of the elevated levels.

Roll forward one day, kidney levels reduced sufficently to make the operation 'safe' or at least, less risky. 

One kitty safely through the op, not too groggy but certainly miffed. Supervision for 48 hours and a paw the size of a saucer!!!

 Yes, it really was that big! It's gone down this morning, so it's not quite the size of a saucer. And the wound, well, her neck looks really scrawny **look away now if you are squeamish**

She's spent the night using me as a hot water bottle and is quite cipper today. Heres hoping for a speedy recovery!