Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Oops! My finger slipped!

Now onto something a little less close to home. Yep, getaway time again! In a minute. You remember I said I needed a new album, it arrived today. I 'accidentally' ordered some Jillibean stamps and Cosmo Cricket tiny letters too ^_^ oops! Even undecorated it's so strokable! Piccies to follow tomorrow :D Planning a play with the April Go-Go kit methinks! Even better, the box I use to store my thickers and alphas in is almost unable to close. So the box the album came in will be said replacement! Waste not, want not :D

Right, now the moment you've all been waiting for. More Getaway goodies!

What I'm going to show you today was possibly my FAVOURITE class EVER! Helen Miles' check out her blog! She's fab, and let me play with glitter, paint and flock :D:D:D Any one who knows me kows I'm a devil for inky, sticky, gloopy things! Hence the blog name 'Inky Paws'!

I had sooooo much fun doing this. It was unreal :D It's funny, I got lucky with my photo's for all the LO's over the weekend. They all just worked! This pic was taken on New Year 2009 with a camera phone in a club, its gritty, discoloured and WORKS. I avoid photoshopping things if I can, make the best of the pics you've got... including the one of The Boy making a rude gesture to cover his face... which WILL be scrapped. Much to his disgust!

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

awesome layout chick! it was lovely to have you there getting all messed up! x

Rachel said...

wow lovely page hun x

Dan said...

Really funky page, love it!

Darcy said...

well done for scrapping a phone pic, i think we all worry far too much about the quaity of things, you are scrapping the memory after all. It looks great, glad you enjoyed doing it.x