Monday, 10 December 2012

10 things

Time really does fly! I've moved house and waited 3 months for a transfer. The world has been a little mental and now it's settling. I hope!

I've had 10 things on my to do list for months, I figured it was time to join in so it was off the 'to do' list and give me a reason to continue.

With it being Christmas, I was thinking I should go with, well, Christmas. Then it was pointed out that I haven't shared wedding or honeymoon pics. But I'm afraid you'll have to live with Christmas for this month!

So, my top 10 of Christmas!

Pepperkokar - A Scandinavian spiced biscuit. We've made these pretty much every year since I can remember. They are delicious. and they are NOT a gingerbread! Far more delicate and need to be wafer thin. Add them to your 'to bake' list

Candles on the tree - not fairy lights, proper candles. The Boy and I have a HUGE standoff about this. He is very against real trees and candles, being the Fire Safety Officer. Having said that, my dad was against it originally...

Fenwicks Christmas Window - Every year, Fenwicks have their Christmas window. Instead of showing off their latest products, it's all about Christmas. I remember queuing every year as a child to see it. If you're in Newcastle take a look.

JYC - Well, it had to be in there somewhere. I've done one every other year since 2008. This year, it's a Smash book. I have started, but I'm working on it at weekends due to my current commute. If you haven't heard about it, click the link. Here's mine from 2010... Well the cover at any rate. If you want to see the inside pages, let me know and I'll link them up.

Nisse - These little guys will always be part of my childhood Christmas memories, a bit like the pepperkokar. They are like a household spirit, I'd hesitate to liken them to an English gnome, but it's the best comparison I can manage.

Mulled drinks - Not just wine, but apple juice, cranberry juice. I love the spices that go into mulling and will mull pretty much anything, I'm considering Ribena this year (will let you know how that works out!) You can have it alcoholic (add spirits or use wine) or non alcohlic. And best of all, it's warm!

There are lots of recipies, so have a play.

Christmas Cards - I have a love/hate relationship. I love the idea, hate the doing (making or writing!) I did manage to do digi ones a few years ago, but I've not found a reasonable printing price! Suggestions are welcome.
Nearly there, 10 things is trickier than first expected.

Lights - I've not found a good photo of Newcastle's street lights yet, but I'll keep trying. Instead, here's the one of the tree's in York, I love it when they have no decorations, just lights. They are soo pretty.

Random decorations - Not trees, but statues, this year I'm seeing raindeer, polar bears and penguins - all in GLITTER! If The Boy hadn't put a ban on glitter...

Annnd Finally...

Christmas trees - Yes, this is mose definitly a separate love to the candles on the trees. This year, I've no space for a tree, well, not a big one. So after many points of "We've no room for a tree" from The Boy, I've come up with this compremise. It's 1ft 1/2 and I got some mini baubles from Paperchase. I spent Saturday tying these on. My space with 'no room for a tree' looks like this

So, that's my 10 things on the 10th. Pop over to Shimelle's blog and join in!!!