Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So much to do!

I got home at about 6 with lots of plans.
Have I done anything..?


Oops! The evening seems to have run away completely.
My room is a state and I have a HUGE heap of clothes.

Think I may need to spend less time scrapping and more time on the 'essential' housework! (Yeah right)
So since I'm so bothered by housework and general tidiness, I'm off to bed and a bit of reading. Currently it's:

I'm a HUGE Terry Pratchett fan. Actually, I'm a huge bookworm anyway. The child that went to the library, filled four people's tickets (that was 8 books per ticket, 32 total) and returned them all (fully read I might add) before the return date!

I will eventually stop boring you all and get back to a scrap related post. Have fun!