Monday, 15 March 2010

Something a little different

I wanted to move away from scrapping today. Firstly as I've not done anything, late shifts kinda kicked that a little. Secondly, As much as I love scrapping, and reading other peoples blogs about scrapping, there is (shock horror) more to life. I got a little bored studying (actually, Etsy distracted me *lol*) so I wanted to share my 5 finds of the week.

Would You Die For Love: A gorgeous green pendant at a snip!







So sweet chocolate bunny: Whats not to love, he's gorgeous! 

Gorgeous red scarf :Who say's they're only for winter!

Blueberry Bracelet: So vibrant! Whats not to love?!

Finally, I got as far as crafty stuff!

Flashcards: You know you need them!


Better hide my credit card, some of them are very tempting :) Well, it's time for me to dash. The cat is mewing and I'm rather shattered, recovering well though!