About Me!

About Me

I'm a fun-loving, slightly crazy, stash obsessed, scrap-a-holic! I work full time and study part time, and in the middle, I scrap. I've a supportive fiance husband and a fluffy cat who are the centre of my scrapping. 

Apart from my obsession with paper, I love reading. Nothing beats a good book. Terry Pratchett is, to my mind, the greatest author ever! However, any book, magazine, reading material and I'm happy. Amazon is a dangerous place and I am eternally grateful I can't remeber my credit card details!

I also really like cooking and spend most evenings causing chaos in the kitchen (and teaching the Boy to cook things other than spag bol!).

As you may have guessed, I'm a little cat obsessed. My furbaby, Metro, is doted on far too much. She likes chicken treats and kibbles and love (and 5am wake-up calls, she is VERY purrrr-sistant!)

In other news: I also wonder if I'll ever finish studying, by going the part-time route the road is long and sometimes appears to go on forever!

On a more serious note, I love knowing I've inspired people and if you wish to use any of my ideas, please feel free. However, credit where credit's due, if you do use my designs, please link them back to me. Also, let me know, I enjoy seeing other people's creations :)