Friday, 24 September 2010

Etsy Finds: SHOES!!!

*Holds up hands, takes deep breath* My name is Jenny and I'm a shoe-a-holic.

Even if you don't like these Tinkerbelle Ballet Flats take a look at some of the others in Spirocreations. There are a couple of other flats that are really pretty too.

Seriously though I love shoes and boots. Especially the ones with a pointy heel. I never thought of Etsy as a place to buy shoes but there are some damn pretty ones which are testing my willpower! I have a sneaking suspicion The Boy is looking over at my screen and rolling his eyes as I drool over the shoes... And the cat is in cahoots too! She's sitting on my purse and won't budge! BAH!

Bootie-licious. I have *no* idea how the name links to them. But I ADORE these soo much!

To be honest, after 5 days, I think my willpower is holding out well. Just make sure you hide any payment devices before you look round the rest of the shop!!!

Now, I {heart} spikey stiletto heels. I have a pair of 8" heels (stop wincing, they aren't that bad) which have a 4" platform and are the most comfy pair of boots I own! However, for those of you now suffering from vertigo, try these ladies.

Eco-Chic Ballerina Flats

Lots of colours available too.

Or, if you prefer a more casual look to your heels, why not try wedges. Like these Purple Floral Wedges.

Or these Teal Polka-dots!

I actually think these are rather classy. I know my love of heels has overtaken this post a little so I was looking for something with *that* style but not the kind you need a ladder to climb into.
I found these babies by Jellyfish. The heel is 2 1/2"  so *just* over kitten but not vertigo stylee! They look awesome too!

So, to that end, I'm off to spend time with The Boy who is indeed rolling his eyes at the shoes on screen! Have a great weekend (and check out what I did with my Hambly transparacy here. (shameless self promotion is a wonderful thing!))

P.S If you do order anything shoewise form anywhere, check the sizing!!! If you're not sure e-mail the seller!!!

P.P.S If you struggle to walk in high heels, here's a couple of tips... (*dances about cheering* I managed to embed it all by myself!!!)

Courtesy of Sasha {loves}

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Sooooo about two weeks ago, I told you I'd done 5 LO's, only showed you 4 though.

Without further ado, here is Cake!

Sadly, my photographic skills lack a certain something. But nevermind. It was for a challenge on The Studio's blog and gave me an excuse to play with my MS cupcake border punch. :D Not that I need excuses mind you...

I used a Hambly transparancy for the background. When I'm awake enough to figure out a link for those that want to know, I'll edit! *lol* It was a bit of a pain I must admit, especially getting a photo! I didn't want the back to look like a storm of glue dots had hit it either. Which is partly why the yellow card is behind the transparancy, that and it looked better and added depth. (Ooh! get me, all technical! *lol*)

Now, breakfast and waking up...

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stash shopping and blowing The Boy's trumpet

Stop sniggering at the back there! I don't mean that kinda trumpet! As some of you might know, I happen to think I have the world's most amazing boyfriend.

I came back from work yesterday to these beauties
and a cute little note ^_^ I not only love the suprise, but also, he doesn't buy me flowers to 'apologise' he does it because he can.

Now, he may not 'get' my crafty obsession, I might get heavy *sighs* whenever I start discussing 'scrap' related stuff.

Well, I'll start at the proper beginning, The Boy and I went to York last weekend. See some friends etc etc. It was only supposed to be a day trip and he was driving. Then we got the suggestion of a beer festival... and a bed for the night (one of our own may I add (wait's for sniggering to die down again)) And with me knowing the GNEP Papercraft Extravaganza was on in Harrogate... Shy bairns get nowt! Besides, how could I resist, if he'd said no I would have got the train anyway!

OMG! I had soooooooooooo much fun. And wasn't nearly as naughty as I thought!
To that end, here's my stash purchases
In one lovely package :D Glimmer chips, grungeboard (been dying to try), some tags, stamps, primas and distress inks :D There are some little copper pins at the bottom too.
My fave finds however were
Dylusions Mica spray ink - how gorgeous is that blue?!

And some pots of buttons! I love that they're in different sizes and colours. Sorry, I'm not sure where these were from.

Now you guys may be sitting there thinking "sure, my man takes me to these things too, what's so special?" You see, I was there for about two hours. The Boy got a cuppa, sat down and didn't complain at all, not once, not even on the way home! (Although he promise's he'll hold it against me later!)

So, suggestions as to what to do with my stash are appreciated! Off to look at my flowers.

*much loves*

Friday, 17 September 2010

Etsy Finds: Tiaras

My best friend from school (all those many years ago) is getting married in a month and on Facebook, there have been numerous posts about her hunt for a tiara! So, this is for Lauren! (And me, since I've been obsessed with sparkly headpieces since I was a kid!)

Now, Because I'm a little indecisive, I've got 6 items for you today, they aren't all strictly tiara's, but they are all wedding headpieces, so here we go!

This Garden Headpiece is a real beauty.
I really love the delicate flower work with Swarovski and pearl sprays.

This next one, I saw and thought of Carmen. Lover of all things Alice! (sorry if I'm *way* off the mark hun)
Horned Death Head-Punk Princess Spiked Rhinestone Tiara. Hows that for a handle! Ok, so I wouldn't wear it as a bride, but I'd wear it as a guest!

This Wedding Vine

While not strictly a tiara, is a great alternative. And you can do so much with them, they're really versatile!

Floral Heirloom Tiara

You would not believe how difficult it is to find a tiara with colour! REAL colour, not the odd smattering. Although this isn't my cuppa, I know so many people who would love wearing it.

20 Strand Swarovski Pearl and crystal headband
This is probably as traditional as I'm ever going to get. It's simple, it's pretty and, if you click that link then go through the pictures, it's stunning against hair!

Stempunk Tiara
I've saved my favourite until last. I absolutely adore this one. So unusual but still *uber* pretty. But since I'm not getting married, or going to a prom, it will have to wait *sigh*

Don't forget, a tiara isn't just for a wedding, proms, balls, nights out. they're great for any occasion. Have a look around, you might just be surprised.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A little less conversation...

A little more action! I've got the world's busiest month ahead of me! The Boy jets off to Afghanistan in 6 weeks so that's 5 weekends to visit friends, family, spend some quality time together and sort out our holiday to New Zealand for when he returns. Not forgetting working and studying (which begins in 4 weeks!) The problem is there just aren't enough hours in the day! So I can't promise I'll be a good blogger this next month, well, not much crafty methinks. May be a good whinge! *lol*

On another note, I said I'd done 5 (yes, blowing my very own trumpet, that was five) LO's last weekend. But I didn't show you them all, only two infact. How mean am I?!

Sooo, my fave Irregular Choice shoes and the 'catchphrase of my life' as it were. "What does *need* have to do with it?!" ^_^ It was all going so well until The Boy started using it in relation to computer geekery stuff! *sigh*

For those of you who disapprove of swearing/seeing rude gestures, I reccomend looking away about now...

This was one of two photo's I snapped of The Boy on Christmas Day 09. Since the other one is him in the snow looking *uber* grumpy and is slightly blurred. I decided to take my revenge by scrapping this one! >.<

I'm slowly talking myself around to a camera as I currently use the family 'point and shoot' which is crap. As you might be able to tell from the slightly bleached out blues!

And on that note, I will bid you good people bye for now since I'm only going to show you these two today :P But that's because I'm rather proud of the fianl LO and what to showcase it in it's very own post! (Hint: I used a transparancy instead of cardstock, how brave of me!!)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Etsy Friday: Fluffies!

Okay, here's to another Friday of goodies. Can you tell I spend far too much time on Etsy? *lol*

Without further ado, here are this week's picks :)

Deviant Cat

For those of you who haven't guessed. I'm a bit of a cat obsessive, actually, anything fluffy if I'm honest. But cats are my fave. I love this little fellow, I think he looks so inquisitive I even have a spot on a table for him!

Isabella the Bat

I'm also a fan of slightly unusual things. Like bats! Actually, it was the blurb that got me here. "... Often mistaken for a flying pompom..." I was in stitches! Also, to make this 'flying pompom' even sweeter, theres wire in the wings so she can fold up!

Bitty Hootie Hoo

Ok, I know, it's an owl, not a 'Bitty Hootie Hoo' but it's very sweet. This is in aid of The Boy's mum, she collects owls and it was her birthday yesterday. I haven't got her one, yet. But they are available in sooooooo many colours...

Next, please welcome Herb, the Garden Bunny

It's green! How could I resist. But if she's not your thing, check out Zygopsych's shop. She has not only other bunnies (one is hot pink!) she has Guinea Pigs too!

Finally, I'd like to introduce Inkus the Diminutive

I love the attitude this funky cephalopod oozes! If you want him, grab him quick before I find my credit card! This guy may well become my new scrapping buddy!

That's me done for the day, I'm off to York for a day out with the girls, it's been *far* too long! Got a pressie to wrap first though. And to make it better, I get The Boy back too, he's been away a month now! >.<

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My crafty weekend and prizes

And I intend to string it out, 5 LO's and a CJ entry. Yup, proud of myself.

So, now my camera battery has charge...

*drum roll please*

This was inspired by this weeks Pencil Lines sketch and I used a chunk of my Dec 09 Go-Go kit. *Kudos* to me!

Next up, another kitty related LO...

I got these shots on one of the nicest day's this year. Sometime in May. There are a few more in the series, including one of her nuzzling the camera! But that's for another LO me thinks. The paper I got from the March Go-Go getaway, because I loved it but had no idea how to use it...Oh, and I indulged my fine art side. Don't know if you can see it, but there are grass stalks growing out of the bottom photo which I drew with a dip-pen. I edged the photo's with yellow paint to stop the paper absorbing them.

You remember me blogging about my win from Shimelle's Cyber Crop?? It arrived Monday morning, and I have had a little play.

Thank you Shimelle!

And on a totally different note, how's this for a fabbi wedding idea... A Photobooth! Have a look on Laura's blog, Lazy Dynamics if you want to know more. I may not be planning a wedding at the moment, but this will feature on my list of wants if/when I do!

Right, I've rattled enough for now. Off to put music on my MP3 player. BTW, I know I'm not the only person who's shown etsy stuff, I can't remember where I first saw the idea, Shimelle's 'Blogging for Scrapbookers' rings a bell. However, I'm thinking of making 'Etsy Friday' a regular thing. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Camera found, battery dead!

Like the title doesn't say it all, so I'm now waiting for the battery to charge! Sod's law really. I'm off work today so hoping for a bit of scrapping time :) We shall see.

On a brighter note, The Boy has returned from Kenya and the lucky so and so went on safari. I wanted to share a few of his piccies with you, just cuz they're so fab! I'm hoping he doesn't object!


I feel a minibook coming on!

Now, if you're anything like me, you're possibly doing your nut that the Rhino's horn has been filed. However, Baraka is blind and his horn has been filed for his own safety. He's a beautiful animal and the lads got to feed/pet him too. I am *sooooo* jealous!

I'm off to check my camera battery and to sort out some more cards. Yes, the Card Hospital saga is ongoing!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Needs a camera!

I have been scrapping this weekend! I promise! But I can't find my camera so I can show you all!! My goodies from Shimelle arrived this morning :D Can't wait to show them to you!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Etsy Friday

And why not, I've spend alot of the evening looking for birthday and (dare I say it) Christmas pressies. So I wanted to share some finds with you. They've got a bit of a goth theme but I like them.

Little Red Riding Hood

I wish I had space for this on my wall!

Red Raven Tie

The Boy would look GREAT in this!

Wolf beanie!

Ok, so I doubt I'll ever wear it, but it's fantastic!

Starlet Dress
Just *drool*

And finally, One FUNKY pair of Vampire Shoes

They're no Iron Fist's or Irregular Choice, but very cool design!

In the wonderful world of crafting, have a look at The Chicken Soup challenge. Also, Gauche Alchemy and Sketchy Thursday's have teamed up with a challenge. Needless to say, thats my plans for the weekend.