Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Week In The Life

I've never really hunted out projects. I just mill around sites and blogs looking for inspiration. However, while milling a few weeks ago, I came across Ali Edward's blog. Yes, this was the first time I'd ever visited... *GAWK* Yes, I know, don't ask, I have no idea how I haven't been there before.

So apart from the HUGE scrappy inspirational resource bucket I  uncovered, something else caught my eye. Ali's Week in the Life project. Honestly, I think it's a fantastic idea. Documenting everyday 'stuff' is something I rather enjoy and who says scrapbooking has to be for special memories only? Your daily memories ARE special, right? Trust me on this.

From the kitty lounging in the sun...

To The Boy putting my Go-go kit on top of the door (I'm 5ft, the door is about 6 1/2 ft)...

...which I spent 5 minutes trying to knock down and failing causing much hilarity for him and grouchiness for me.

 I actually loved this idea so much I've been documenting this last week, also because I've been wedding dress shopping and as irritating as I've found it, I know I'll want to remember it. So I'm documenting my wedding planning ^_^ (How snowed under will I be at this rate! *lol*) It was really interesting, even more so as I work in a secure office and I think taking photo's of personal data or having a camera out would have me sacked! So the camera was away for a big part of my day, yet I still got alot of photos. This really was quite a surprise for me, I expected it to be much harder than it was.

I also found my photography skills improved too, I played with the settings more and more and have some photo's that are fabulous and fun. Be brave, it's worth it.

Anyhow, Ali does this every year and this year, she's chosen 25th July to 31st July. So, I'll be giving it a go, it's free and should be alot of fun. Camera battery charged, memory card cleared, essential chocolate supplies, CHECK!

 So it is with renewed vigour I approach this project and quite alot off enthusiasm. All that remains is for me to get The Boy on board!

Funnily enough, Shimelle, of errrmmm, fame had a guest spot there yesterday. Guess what the subject is... Have a click, take a peek HERE. *watch the video*

Oh and I meant to mention, I've cleared my work desk too!
*chuckles* Hope some of you will join me :)

Monday, 18 July 2011


Yup, very. I mean how often do you organise an event for a large number of people that's the most important day of your life... really? *sigh* Like I said, it's just so overwhelming, there's stuff to decide upon and book, money to 'find' for want of a better word. Anyhow, I know I keep whinging. There's only so much offloading mum and The Boy can take. I suspect there'll be quite alot more over the next year or so.

In crafty news, for those of you that don't know, Shimelle has a new class, Explore. I'm rather looking forward to it.

I have no idea quite what to expect, however, if it takes my mind off the W word, it can only be a good thing. And I apologise in advance as you might be seeing quite alot of this photo!

We've been out at a friends hose most of the weekend, unplanned, but great catch up. I had a clearout of Metro's toys, she has some she has no interest in whatsoever, so I gave them to Sid, said friend's cat...

 He thought they were awesome and spent about 30 mins trying to destroy them before having a quick nibble and passing out on the top of a box... he was still out cold when we left about 2 hours later! This provided about 40 mins worth of entertainment for four adults. Highly recommended.

Anyhow, off to check out Explore.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Crafty time!

I'm beginning to loath wedding dress shopping! Drooling over photos in magazines is fine, but trying on dress after dress after dress "arms up" It's starting to blend into a barrage of white and ivory!!! Anyhow, rant over. I've had a good day scrapping today and figured it was time to show you a couple of pages I've done. Both were for UKS Scrap Factor play along challenges. And what challenges they have been!

So, without further ado: Week 7

It was a sketch challenge and I had fun with it! The car was our hire car for New Zealand, we did around 2000km (thats around 1243 miles for those who prefer old money!) From Cape Reinga to Queenstown. And the letters were hybrids (I was sooo proud of myself for the printing and cutting) they're from Two Peas 'Strawberry Iced Kisses' Not sure about the name, but love the letters!

The other challenge was week 10 no patterned paper. Which I found was much easer than it sounded!
I played with mists (the nozzle on it sprays in the most random direction, and it sprays backwards!), crackle paint, embossing powder and my sewing machine. ^_^ I also had a moment of weakness in Hobbycraft and purchased a MS butterfly punch, you know, the one with the dinky butterflies and got a little carried away!

I'm off to continue a bit of net trawling for some project ideas. If you've got any ideas/links, feel free to share!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Testing... testing... Anybody there??

I've been told my comments link isn't working. Guess what... it wasn't. So, I've had a look, not really done anything and it now appears to be working... Blogger is sometimes a tempremental beast! Anyone care to comment, see if we can get anywhere?

ETA: It's let me post one this time... Let's see how we get on! *lol* Let me know if there is a problem : email me -

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wedding waffle and naptime.

If you'd told me before I would NEVER have believed you! Today, I've been dress shopping, just to get some idea of what I want, what suits etc. It's now 9:30 and I'm in bed!

Anyway, I wanted to show you a LO... Yup, told you I'd done some scrapping! It was for a Colour Combo's challenge, quite a recent one. I would link it directly, but the page hasn't been moved to the archives yet!

The flourish punch is a recent aquisition and I appear to have an obsession punching things with it. I've not used much on any LO's, it's just the punching I seem to enjoy!

I'm hoping to get back in the scraproom tomorrow, but we shall see. But for now, it is bedtime!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

OMG!!! I have a new (look) blog!

I love it, I love it, I love it! And it's all thanks to Emily @ Polkadot Pixles, who is without doubt, simply awesome! Seriously, I cannot recommend her services enough. And while we're about it, check out her digital scrapping stuff @ Two Peas.

Feel free to take a look round, my links and gallery are stil kinda under construction, so keep checking back!

I've not actually been all that crafty, but I do have a few LO's to share. It's all been about study, wedding planning and working. Oh and getting addicted to Pintrest... For those who aren't already fellow obsessives, seriously, take a look.

Anyhow, I don't have piccies to share right now, my camera has done a runner! That is an I've put it somewhere 'safe'. And we all know what that means... You can guess what I'm doing this weekend! Roll on Friday @ 4!

P.s it's good to be back :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Regular service will resume shortly...

Hello Blogland! Well, I'm back, at least that's the plan. I was struck down in April with missing mojoitis followed closely by the dreaded attack of End of Year Exam's. I took a step back during all this to figure out if I still wanted to blog, look at my reasons for starting a blog in the first place etc. etc. As you might have guessed, yes, I do want to keep on blogging!

As you may have spotted, undergoing a bit of an overhaul here at Inky Paws, more about that later. Off for a mooch around everyone's blogs.