Sunday, 28 November 2010

Let it snow... Again!

So far, we've had about a foot of snow since Wednesday night. And there's no sign of it stopping. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but getting the cat to the V E T takes some planning! Getting to be work will be good fun too now the snow comes over my boots!

Anyhow, I have a LO to show you

Marti the *uber* sticky gekho. I had great fun with this one!

We're now sorting out my scrapping space as the conservatory is needed for the Christmas tree. So I'm shifting everything about!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Who say's the good die young?!

Today is a bit of a sad day for me, it's my paternal grandma's funeral.
She passed away in her sleep last month and we're now going to say goodbye. She was 94 and a marvellous woman.

I did this LO just after she died. It's one of the few photos we have of her in recent years.
She will be missed greatly.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's the season...

for illness! Yup, I have lurgy! woohoo. However, I have finished that blasted essay. I'd forgotton how difficult concentrating while having a cold is.

Anyway onto other things. I've a couple of LO's to share and something for Beki...

This is Metro, she decided the chair was an appropriatebed and my sister put a cushion on top of her! I used Septemebr's Go-go kit and some of Dyan's mica sprays. I'll link them when her site is back up!

This next one is one I did just after the getaway. The photo isn't all that good (sorry)
 I even used some sassafrass!

And for Beki... The Boy in uniform :)
Right, off to continue my busy day!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Due to popular demand!

I'm going to keep this a bit short as I have been told I've got either RSI or Carpal Tunnel. Either way, my wrist is sore, so want to give it time to heal (and I have an essay to write!)

Today, I wanted to share my last couple of getaway classes with you.

First up, Lorraine's class.

See those dimples around the side of the photo? They were made with a dressmakers wheel. Very funky.

And another of Helen's classes (she gives you chocolate you see!)
There is a little story from this class, Helen reckons The Boy has a bit of George Clooney in him. Now since I'm always being told by said Boy I have crap taste, I thought I'd leave it to others to decide. The Go-go verdict was "dishy/hot/cute..." What do you gals think?

With that, I'm of to rest my wrist. And somehow write an essay!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A little more sharing

I swear I have an RSI developing in my wrist after all that distressing at the weekend!

Thought I'd show you a few more LO's
This first one was a Getaway class, one of Helen's. The photo is my sister (at a much younger age)

The background, with the red, blue and yellow borders painted on is actually a veneer! It was great to work with and it looks SO much better IRL. You can see the vibrancy of the colours and the shimmer in the paint.

This is the second of Nicola's classes that I did over the weekend: Worn me down

As you can see, lots of distressing and I'm blaming it for the RSI. (Or as I originally and crudely put it: Wankers Cramp; an unfortunate side effect of paper distressing. (methinks I've been dating a squaddie too long!))

I have to add that I love all the class LO's so much. Each time I go to a retreat, I learn so much more about my scrapping style. I've got four more getaway LO's to show you, but they can wait a little while.

This next LO was made with September's go-go kit
I have scrapped these photo's before, but they just amuse me so.

Finally, I wanted to share this, another Go-go LO

I'm really chuffed with this one, it's had a little ink and glimmer mist and the circles have been embossed with UTEE. I really do love the way it's worked :)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 1 November 2010

A little more get up and Go-go!

I'm home, ok, so I have been for about 24 hours. But that's not the point!

The weekend was truly amazing, Team Go-go have surpassed themselves. The shop was filled with such goodies, I overspent (no surprises there mind!) I've actually got quite alot of stuff to show you, not just the class LO's. I can't share them all with you today, you'd be here forever!!! But I can make a start. You've seen a couple of the LO's I did (here)

This first one was the last class I did with Kirsty W It was a hybrid class and great fun to do 

And this was one of Nicola's classes: Bloomin' Ribbon
 I love this, we made the ribbon across the bottom. It was originally stitched onto  a strip of the same blue organza but it wasn't ridgid enough so I restitched it onto some black ribbon.

It was great to put names to faces and meet some old friends. Here's a picci of Me, Chloe and Nat which I have rather shamelessly nicked from Beki since I didn't take many photo's myself (BTW, was great to finally meet you Beki!)

I had my photo taken by the fabbi Kirsty Wiseman

I really love them, it was so hard to choose only three though.

Thank you so very much to Lorraine, Janice and Team Go-go For a fabbi weekend. Beki, Clare, Sam, Nat, Natalie and Chloe (to name a few) for keeping me sane! I'll be back soon with some more.