Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pages and planning

Though it was about time I popped back in (and after checking my last post, it would appear I was right!)
Sooo much going on! So heres a quick update:

Paper Geekyness:
Yes, still scrapping! Heres a few of my (not so) recent creations...

Yup, I did a tag, my first EVER! Lots of distressing and great fun. No idea what I'm going to do with it mind... answers on a postcard!

 This was made in January would you believe! While The Boy was out in Afghanistan. I'm dreadful for storing LO's in boxes, recently I remedied this and sorted out my albums, but thats another story. I discovered this in one of said boxes... I love the papers, the misting, the buttons, the photo... the list goes on!

And finally, a rather random LO. Lots of scraps were used and yes, I know, the marigolds aren't in focus, but that's kinda the point. Movement was a big part of this. Oh, and the bright yellow Cosmo Cricket Letters!

The Big Day:

I've had lots of questions about this, so just to update

At the moment I'm working on the stationary side of things, as we've people coming from the US and New Zealand and a few military types, we need to get our 'save the date' cards sorted ASAP. Also, since I want to make my invites, I'm cracking on with them. Ideas welcome!!!

I've also developed an obsession with Pintrest, which has been a great resource and meant I've kicked the magazine habit! Pretty much.

Next up, boquets, buttonholes and table decoration -type-stuff!

Anyone else still wondering where 2011 has gone to? It's almost Christmas!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Errm... Yeah!

I have no idea what happened to the last week and a half! It has disappeared into oblivion!

In among the madness I have managed a little scrapping... When I say a little, I mean quite a bit. Last weekend, Cocoa Daisy held their Autumn (Fall) crop. Now, the challenge deadline is pretty much over, but I love how inspirational the challenges and classes were. And yes, of course I had a go! As you might have guessed, I am a bit of a class/crop/challenge addict.

Drum roll please!

Yes, I know, I used white!! I never use white. This was inspired by a quilt.
And I even lugged out my sewing machine for good measure.

And next we have....
 Inspired by crochet... and as an added bonus, used up a good chunk of my smaller scraps.

 Finally... Would you believe it?? I MADE A CARD!

Now for some people, this may not seem like a big deal, however, I haven't made a card for over 10 years. So for me this is kinda a big deal.

I'm off to visit the world of blogs and catch up. Back soon with a few more LO's I have to share :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meet the family

I'm very much a 'current' scrapbooker, I don't feel the need to scrap chronologicaly and 'catch up' as it were. However, that doesn't mean I don't scrap my older photos (they are mainly of family as I discovered scrapbooking in it's current form quite early as it were)

Recently I was looking through photos to work with September's Scrap a Go Go kit and would up in my 'family' box. I hit the ground running!

This LO is of my dad, this was a typical sight during my childhood, dad sitting, eating toast and marmalade.

This next LO is my sister, demolishing the last of the ice cream, I did have an alternative title, but I'd run out of letters making the previous LO!

I did alot of fussy cutting for this, and it was a sketch inspired LO but I can't remember what! If I figure it out, I'll link it up. (or if you know, drop me a line.)

After these, the family photos have been put back in the box and await the next nostalic kit. Which leads me onto my question, how do you scrap older family photos?

Saturday, 5 November 2011

This is the last completed LO from the getaway. I've two other classes to finish, hoping to do them this weekend, but we'll see.

Here is Mr. Sarcasm himself. Aka, The Boy.

I GOT TO PLAY WITH BUBBLE WRAP AND PAINT!!! Can you tell this makes me silly excited??

*deep breath* I love the colours on this LO. The photos was stolen from FB and is, true to form, cr*p quality. But it works.

I've spent the evening hidden upstairs with the cat, neither of us like fireworks! But hope everyone's had a good night whatever you're doing.

On a rather random note, I don't know about you, but I'm seeing so many sites and people focusing on their albums, creating a story so to speak. Do you use your albums to tell a story or are you like me, throw in the LO in the next available space?

Friday, 4 November 2011

Go, See, Do

also known as a mini book created by Nicola for Scrap-a-Go-Go. I avoid making mini books like the plague! But I try to sign up for mini book classes, see if one day I get my head round them, and they are a real challenge for me.

Nicola used hers as a travel album and no surprises, I used my New Zealand trip for the subject and tried to cover some of the places we visited.

I really love this one, using envelopes as the base and check out the little taxi on each page! I've two more pages from the weekend that are complete so they will be up next, the final two I'm hoping to finish at the weekend.

P.s I'm shamelessly scrounging title help for these two LO's. Any suggestion welcome.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Titles, tiles, titles.

Well, I'm back safe, unpacked and want to go back! For those of you wondering, I spent my weekend at the Go-Go Getaway. I had an amazing time and can't thank the ladies of Team Go-go enough.

Gushing over, I'm after some help. I've two LO's from the classes that I need a title for. I've hummed and ahhed for a few days, and it just isn't coming to me. So, I'd appreciate some assistance.

If you've any ideas, any at all, PLEASE leave a comment! I don't tend to add journalling to class LO's like these, I use them for inspiration and techniques so don't worry about the 'story' behind the photos.

I have some awesome LO's to add to my albums and another round of happy memories (along with a lighter purse and much heavier bag!) And since I do have some more projects from the weekend, this blog will be a go-go dedicated area for a few posts, hope you don't mind!