Friday, 24 September 2010

Etsy Finds: SHOES!!!

*Holds up hands, takes deep breath* My name is Jenny and I'm a shoe-a-holic.

Even if you don't like these Tinkerbelle Ballet Flats take a look at some of the others in Spirocreations. There are a couple of other flats that are really pretty too.

Seriously though I love shoes and boots. Especially the ones with a pointy heel. I never thought of Etsy as a place to buy shoes but there are some damn pretty ones which are testing my willpower! I have a sneaking suspicion The Boy is looking over at my screen and rolling his eyes as I drool over the shoes... And the cat is in cahoots too! She's sitting on my purse and won't budge! BAH!

Bootie-licious. I have *no* idea how the name links to them. But I ADORE these soo much!

To be honest, after 5 days, I think my willpower is holding out well. Just make sure you hide any payment devices before you look round the rest of the shop!!!

Now, I {heart} spikey stiletto heels. I have a pair of 8" heels (stop wincing, they aren't that bad) which have a 4" platform and are the most comfy pair of boots I own! However, for those of you now suffering from vertigo, try these ladies.

Eco-Chic Ballerina Flats

Lots of colours available too.

Or, if you prefer a more casual look to your heels, why not try wedges. Like these Purple Floral Wedges.

Or these Teal Polka-dots!

I actually think these are rather classy. I know my love of heels has overtaken this post a little so I was looking for something with *that* style but not the kind you need a ladder to climb into.
I found these babies by Jellyfish. The heel is 2 1/2"  so *just* over kitten but not vertigo stylee! They look awesome too!

So, to that end, I'm off to spend time with The Boy who is indeed rolling his eyes at the shoes on screen! Have a great weekend (and check out what I did with my Hambly transparacy here. (shameless self promotion is a wonderful thing!))

P.S If you do order anything shoewise form anywhere, check the sizing!!! If you're not sure e-mail the seller!!!

P.P.S If you struggle to walk in high heels, here's a couple of tips... (*dances about cheering* I managed to embed it all by myself!!!)

Courtesy of Sasha {loves}


Debsg said...

Awesome shoes. Great find!

Craftyangel said...

seriously love the yellow ballerina want to treat myself. you are soooo naughty trying to tempt me.

Claireliz said...

I'm having enough problems avoiding etsy without you showing me those gorgeous shoes!!! That said,this week I found 2 pairs of vintage style shoes in my wardrobe that have never been worn, I'm going to have to go right through my wardrobe & see what else I've missed

Jules said...

How on earth do you manage not to spend a fortune! I absolutely love the yellow ballerina pumps too, it's probably a good job I haven't been paid yet...

Winnie said...

Sorry, I'm not a shoe-a-holic, but your finds are seriously awesome! LOL