Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stash shopping and blowing The Boy's trumpet

Stop sniggering at the back there! I don't mean that kinda trumpet! As some of you might know, I happen to think I have the world's most amazing boyfriend.

I came back from work yesterday to these beauties
and a cute little note ^_^ I not only love the suprise, but also, he doesn't buy me flowers to 'apologise' he does it because he can.

Now, he may not 'get' my crafty obsession, I might get heavy *sighs* whenever I start discussing 'scrap' related stuff.

Well, I'll start at the proper beginning, The Boy and I went to York last weekend. See some friends etc etc. It was only supposed to be a day trip and he was driving. Then we got the suggestion of a beer festival... and a bed for the night (one of our own may I add (wait's for sniggering to die down again)) And with me knowing the GNEP Papercraft Extravaganza was on in Harrogate... Shy bairns get nowt! Besides, how could I resist, if he'd said no I would have got the train anyway!

OMG! I had soooooooooooo much fun. And wasn't nearly as naughty as I thought!
To that end, here's my stash purchases
In one lovely package :D Glimmer chips, grungeboard (been dying to try), some tags, stamps, primas and distress inks :D There are some little copper pins at the bottom too.
My fave finds however were
Dylusions Mica spray ink - how gorgeous is that blue?!

And some pots of buttons! I love that they're in different sizes and colours. Sorry, I'm not sure where these were from.

Now you guys may be sitting there thinking "sure, my man takes me to these things too, what's so special?" You see, I was there for about two hours. The Boy got a cuppa, sat down and didn't complain at all, not once, not even on the way home! (Although he promise's he'll hold it against me later!)

So, suggestions as to what to do with my stash are appreciated! Off to look at my flowers.

*much loves*


TwinTrouble said...

Ohhh... gorgeous flowers, and you've the lily's to come out yet... expect another piccie when they do :)
Sounds like you had a lovely time at GNPE, I couldn't make it, no one to watch the boys and no transport :( Looks like you got lots of lovely goodies though, can't wait to see you creations with them :)

Claireliz said...

still sniggering here :D, the boy done good! I wanted to go but I need to use more of what I have before I have another one of my spending sprees, you got lurvely goodies

Winnie said...

Hold on to that boy! LOL Love your goodies - hope you have a good play with them.

Debsg said...

Super stash shopping and lovely flowers.

sutty said...

Beautiful flowers....and he let you go to a craft show too....what a star! You've got some gorgeous buys - love the buttons and the stamps, looking forward to seeing your creations :)


Glen said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes Jenny. Love your flowers....which incidentially, I received too - from my husband for my birthday - along with lots of other luvverly goodies! *Ü* I have been thoroughly spoiled. Love your goodies and I shall look forward to seeing what creations you do with them! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

Sheena said...

Sounds like you've got a good un there Jen xx
loving all the buttons, Ive got a bit of a thing for them !! enough said !!
looking forward to seeing you soon
Sheena x

Carmen said...

Ooh you lucky thing you! I bought some of that cut 'n' dry foam at the last Ally Pally not sure what to do with it so any hints would be greatly received :)

Love the look of that mist - gorgeous colour! Bit of art journalling mebbe?