Friday, 1 October 2010

Etsy Friday: Pocket Money Embelishments

Question: What happened to last week?! Who nicked it! It's Friday again :D I like Fridays. Last day of the working week (or sometimes my day off if I have to work Saturday) and I get to share what I've been eying up during the week!
So, since it's payday (for me at any rate) I decided not to tempt you all with pretty shoes, tiaras, expensive things. I had a look round at things for scrapping... So, in the words of a well known shopping channel, "It's time for today's Hot Picks!"

Ephemera Inspiration

Bitty Kit is a little kit of ephemera, 20 pieces infact all for the princley sum of £3.00. It's all vintage bits and lets face it, vintage ephemera isn't all that easy to get your hands on in smaller quantities and prices!

Pastel Fabric Tape

I love this stuff! It's quite hardy and looks like fabric! (possible because it is, it's just easier to stick down!) Good on mini books and LO's and for thing where a bit of grip is required (think glass jars!)

Bakers Twine

I've seen how much some places charge for this stuff! But it is amazing on projects. Tags, wrapping and even baked goodies! This particular link is for the lime green and white variety. But if that's not your flavour, Check out SupplyOwl's shop. She's got red and white and blue and white too.

Seam binding

For all you dressmakers out there, put your binding to good use in scrapping. It's super cheap and durable. Try edging your paper for a really unusual look. or use it as ribbon if you like. You can also use it to bind minibooks, but you need MAJOR amounts of patience!

Digital designs

Before you screech "I don't do digi!!!" and move on, bear with me, promise it's worth it. You can use digital designs as part of your page (like you didn't already know) Not only that, you can get almost any design and any colour. I've found maps, cards, papers the lot! Just try searching, see what you find. These are intended as ATC's. But I have LO plans for these and some Stampoutiqe stamps if no-one gets in first!

Embossed paper buttons

I've been gagging for a Martha Stewart embossed button punch since I first saw it about 9 months ago! However, punches are expensive and I want to be sure I'll use it before I buy. When I first saw these (and others) on Etsy, I thought "what's the point, I could make my own" The point is, they're cheap, cheaper than real buttons. You can get pretty much any colour you want and you have a tonne to play with before committing to the expense!

I hope they inspire you to do something! Happy scrapping!


TwinTrouble said...

Ohhh... lots of lovely goodies... LOVE the buttons, the colours are gorgeous :)

Could you drop me an email at... please... I can't find my slip of paper with your email addy on it... would love to catch up, gutted i'm not going to GOGO to see you again :(

Carmen said...

Oooooooh. You know - when my PC is playing nicely again I may have to join you in showing MY top picks :P

Seriously cannot wait to see what you do with the Stampotique stamps and the digis!

alexa said...

Glorious stuff! Those vintage little packets look great ...