Friday, 10 September 2010

Etsy Friday: Fluffies!

Okay, here's to another Friday of goodies. Can you tell I spend far too much time on Etsy? *lol*

Without further ado, here are this week's picks :)

Deviant Cat

For those of you who haven't guessed. I'm a bit of a cat obsessive, actually, anything fluffy if I'm honest. But cats are my fave. I love this little fellow, I think he looks so inquisitive I even have a spot on a table for him!

Isabella the Bat

I'm also a fan of slightly unusual things. Like bats! Actually, it was the blurb that got me here. "... Often mistaken for a flying pompom..." I was in stitches! Also, to make this 'flying pompom' even sweeter, theres wire in the wings so she can fold up!

Bitty Hootie Hoo

Ok, I know, it's an owl, not a 'Bitty Hootie Hoo' but it's very sweet. This is in aid of The Boy's mum, she collects owls and it was her birthday yesterday. I haven't got her one, yet. But they are available in sooooooo many colours...

Next, please welcome Herb, the Garden Bunny

It's green! How could I resist. But if she's not your thing, check out Zygopsych's shop. She has not only other bunnies (one is hot pink!) she has Guinea Pigs too!

Finally, I'd like to introduce Inkus the Diminutive

I love the attitude this funky cephalopod oozes! If you want him, grab him quick before I find my credit card! This guy may well become my new scrapping buddy!

That's me done for the day, I'm off to York for a day out with the girls, it's been *far* too long! Got a pressie to wrap first though. And to make it better, I get The Boy back too, he's been away a month now! >.<


Carmen said...

I love your finds, that octpuss is gorge but especially love the cat and pom pom bat! LOL!

Just_a_bean said...

Give it up for the cute bat! Thanks for your ispiration - off to browse myself...

Winnie said...

OMG! I love every single one of them - so cute! Maybe it's time to go shopping. LOL

Claireliz said...

I'm not sure who's the bad influence on who, me tempting you to buy stash or you tempting me to shop on etsy lol
you're welcome to visit anytime :D