Friday, 17 September 2010

Etsy Finds: Tiaras

My best friend from school (all those many years ago) is getting married in a month and on Facebook, there have been numerous posts about her hunt for a tiara! So, this is for Lauren! (And me, since I've been obsessed with sparkly headpieces since I was a kid!)

Now, Because I'm a little indecisive, I've got 6 items for you today, they aren't all strictly tiara's, but they are all wedding headpieces, so here we go!

This Garden Headpiece is a real beauty.
I really love the delicate flower work with Swarovski and pearl sprays.

This next one, I saw and thought of Carmen. Lover of all things Alice! (sorry if I'm *way* off the mark hun)
Horned Death Head-Punk Princess Spiked Rhinestone Tiara. Hows that for a handle! Ok, so I wouldn't wear it as a bride, but I'd wear it as a guest!

This Wedding Vine

While not strictly a tiara, is a great alternative. And you can do so much with them, they're really versatile!

Floral Heirloom Tiara

You would not believe how difficult it is to find a tiara with colour! REAL colour, not the odd smattering. Although this isn't my cuppa, I know so many people who would love wearing it.

20 Strand Swarovski Pearl and crystal headband
This is probably as traditional as I'm ever going to get. It's simple, it's pretty and, if you click that link then go through the pictures, it's stunning against hair!

Stempunk Tiara
I've saved my favourite until last. I absolutely adore this one. So unusual but still *uber* pretty. But since I'm not getting married, or going to a prom, it will have to wait *sigh*

Don't forget, a tiara isn't just for a wedding, proms, balls, nights out. they're great for any occasion. Have a look around, you might just be surprised.


Carmen said...

LOL! You know me so well - I love it! But I have to say my favourite is the steampunk one as well - what a stunner! And so versatile.

Winnie said...

Ooh, I love looking at tiaras! The vine one is similar to the one I had on my wedding day. I'm not sure about the skull one, but love the steampunk one!! You could definitely wear that as an everyday jewellery piece. Thanks for the cool finds!

Sasha Holloway said...

I love love the first one .. these look amazing ..