Friday, 5 November 2010

Due to popular demand!

I'm going to keep this a bit short as I have been told I've got either RSI or Carpal Tunnel. Either way, my wrist is sore, so want to give it time to heal (and I have an essay to write!)

Today, I wanted to share my last couple of getaway classes with you.

First up, Lorraine's class.

See those dimples around the side of the photo? They were made with a dressmakers wheel. Very funky.

And another of Helen's classes (she gives you chocolate you see!)
There is a little story from this class, Helen reckons The Boy has a bit of George Clooney in him. Now since I'm always being told by said Boy I have crap taste, I thought I'd leave it to others to decide. The Go-go verdict was "dishy/hot/cute..." What do you gals think?

With that, I'm of to rest my wrist. And somehow write an essay!


Sandra said...

Really fabulous layouts. Hope the rest makes it better.

beksynormz said...

If you ever wanna oblige us with a photo of him in uniform, I'm sure nobody would complain!!!!

Carmen said...

Ouchy. Hope the wrist heals soon.

Pages are fabby - love the effect of the dressmakers wheel.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful work

Claireliz said...

wish I could have been at the Getaway, would have been fab to catch up. your LO's look great, Helens classes are always fab & she can't resist tempting you with chocolate