Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Operation Paper packages

I'm sure the hardest part about retreats is the packing, not of clothes, photo's and stash! It's taken pretty much the entire weekend! However, I am now sorted. I've a sore back from taking my stash downstairs then up again.

So what am I taking I hear you cry. Well, October's Go-go kit, as it's a ready made one and a few extra bits of cardstock and this

A few pretty papers and cardstock and bits. I'm actually quite proud of myself, it's the first 'kit' I've put together for me to use. I've also got my tools down to one dinky box too. How good am I!!!

 Before I go pack, I wanted to show you another of the LO's I've done over the last month. It showcases one of Metro's summer wonders in the garden (she never normally leaves it, except for today when she disappeared for 30 mins, which is a loooong time for her, rascle!)

The flower in the corner is part of some Jillibean Soup packaging with the embroidery thread wrapped around. It looks effective but was such a pain!!! I can't take credit for it though, Nicola's LO that started it and I know the wrapped thread came from somewhere but I can't remember where!! If it's you, let me know and I'll link it up!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

love the rustic feel to that layout. well don on sorting a kit out.....makes life a bit easier

Carmen said...

I love that tangle of thread! I bet puss would love to get her claws on that! :D

alexa said...

Doesn't it look great, that tangle of threads! Love how you have positioned all those blue circles too.