Saturday, 30 October 2010


It is the end of day two at the Getaway Hotel. The delegates have attended five classes and only two remain.

Ok, p!*s take over. Sorry, didn't sleep well last night and I'm shattered. Just waiting for my bath to cool and winding down a little. Turned on the TV and he first thing that confronted me was the news, solider shot dead in Afghanistan. Just what I wanted to hear! *sigh* so a little bit het up now (have switched it off, nothing on anyhow!)

It also means I get to show you a little of what I've been up to here. I missed rush hour on Friday *woop* and arrived in the crop room to this beauty.

 Opened it up to discover...

Well impressed! Sugar = Scrap/study energy boost!

I'm not going to show you everything tonight, it's too late for that. But I will share a class LO and one of my own. The first class I did was Tree Top Tales by the wonderful Sheena. The cutting out at 21:30 after a loong day traveling was bloody difficult! The Lo isn't quite finished, but I need to have a good think first. Here it is so far:
I then flopped into this lovely bed
And true to form, didn't sleep!

So, before I leave you all to have a go at sleeping round two, here's the other LO I promised you.

Made with the October Go-go kit and some cardstock from my stash.


Sheena said...

loving your take on my class jen x
Sorry about all the cutting but it was worth it in the end :D