Sunday, 14 August 2011

I'm Proud

Proud to Scrapbook.
Yup, I've been over at there's lots of scrap challenges this weekend which have me running for the paper trimmer and glue dots. Nothing like a lazy Sunday :) But it was this post that got me thinking about the way I conduct my hobby.

Have a think, when was the last time you discussed your hobby, not with  fellow crafter, but somone who gave you that puzzled look when you told them 'I scrapbook'?  The last time was to a work colleague who wondered what I was surfing during my lunch hour. The discussion ended with me saying "google it". In my defence, said work collegue was male and anyone who has tried to explain scrapping to their better half will probably know *exactly* what I mean.

But that doesn't mean I'm not proud of what I do. I ordered my wedding dress yesterday and asked for a sketch. I did get a bit of a puzzled look and I told them I wanted it to scrapbook. I didn't get 'that' look. But I did get a non commital 'aah'. But maybe that's why we're so quiet about it, it's kinda the paperworld equivilent of being a geek. I hide away in a room surrounded by 'equipment' and 'play'. But I don't care. I scrap and I'm proud of it. So my new resolution, to share my work on more than just my blog. I'm going to put my LO's on FB too and be truley proud to scrapbook. Anyone fancy joining me?
ETA: If you want to see my FB scrapbook album, it's here :) I will add to it and put some descriptions in when I have a little more time :)


My simple life said...

love the photo and the layout. You should be proud of your hobby, cant wait to see your wedding scrapping. Wish I was into scrapbooking when I got married.

Dan said...

Great LO with a great photo. Love that bunting too! :)

Anonymous said...

Great layout. I know what you mean about the non commital 'aah', I get it too! I am proud to scrapbook and more than happy to be a paper geek but sometimes it's just easier to not explain!! Becky x

Ali said...

I love your LO - all that yummy texture. Is it texture paste you've used?

And yeah, scrapbookers do seem to be the papercrafting world's geeks but hey, I don't care... I'm a geek in many more ways too (sci-fi fan, comic book collector, fanfic writer) so I'm out and proud when it comes to geekdom! :lol:

Ali said...

your background is awesome and I love the photo.

Wendy said...

great LO .... and I get "the look" just for being a crafter, that's cards, scrapbooking, sewing stitching, knitting, beading etc, people just don't get it! Do we care? No!