Sunday, 15 August 2010

Shimelle's Summer Crop: Photo Challenge(s)

Hmmm... This may be the last one today unless I can manage another LO and photo while it's still light! So, the photo challenges... I've not done them all, but there's a couple that took my fancy :)

Firstly, my crafting space:

It's not that bad as I've only got enough space for one 12x12 at a time and with it being such I small space, I actually tidy up... sometimes.

Secondly, Smiles

Ok, so this one doesn't qualify for prize entry as it was taken last weekend. I was a little bit tipsy at this stage. But it lead to a great convo with The Boy!

Me: Are you going to go and dance? You've been practising for long enough!
The Boy: P*ss off!
Me: (expecting a similar reply) Buy me a drink then!
The Boy: (chucks his money clip at me) Mine's a Southern Comfort and Coke (turns to Jo) Whatcha drinking?

The actual aim wasn't to scrounge a drink! I promise!

And finally, Below the knee and Reflections

A trip to Alnwick Gardens provided this fabulous shot, rather fortuitous really. It was taken in the water gardens, where everything is stainless steel and water. Shiny and reflective!

Right, that's it, I need food and the cat is clamouring by my side for kibbles! I might be back later, but then again, I might save it for tomorrow! Hope you've all had fun and if you don't get a chance to play this weekend, Have a look at Shimelle's site anyway. She's got TONNES of inspirational things on there!


Emilie said...

I haven't done thos course but it looks like a great way to get original photos!

Winnie said...

Great photos! And your conversation with The Boy made me laugh!