Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meep meep ^_^

Ok, so no actual crafting has been going on of late. I've been busy, with life.I can't believe we're almost halfway through August! Soooo....

I went to see this a few weeks ago. It was fabulous! I'd thoroughly reccomend it and The Boy WILL be going to see it. Have a look here to see where they're touring... Then get tickets! *lol* Oh, and check out they're youtube. I would put the video's up but they don't have embedding codes...

We've been to a friends wedding in Sidmouth... Where? Yup, that's what I said when trying to sort hotels! Right on the sout coast, between Exmouth and Weymouth. Here's a piccie of me and The Boy. Theres actually quite a few of him :D and some of the two of us! But now you know why I complain about no photo's of him!
I'm currently uploading and sorting all the photos from it, I've three photobooks to sort out! I was glad to get home though, spent most of the weekend being asked when we were getting married! *EEK* Oh, and while I'm at it, you need to check out *these* little beauties.

They can be found at liliswan, a gorgeous Etsy shop with some stunning jewellery. I thought they'd be a little overpowering on me, but they weren't. Absolutely stunning and pretty packaging too. :D

I do have some other news for you guys, but that can wait for another post, or this will get silly long. That and while I'm recovering from an ear infection early nights are on the cards.


Winnie said...

Gorgeous jewellery set Jenny! I'm sure they look lovely on you. Sorry to hear you have an ear infection. Hope you get better soon. Hugs.

Claireliz said...

that jewellery is lovely & love your dress too. Hope your ear gets better soon :)
What news... tell us.... tell us :D