Monday, 24 May 2010

Not much to say

Well, nothing crafty at any rate! Did everyone enjoy the first weekend of summer? I thought it was fab, but distracted my essay writing a little! *lol* My May Go-Go kit turned up last week, so I's having muchos fun and have two half completed LO's. I'll share them when they're done, promise!

It was my sister's birthday this weekend, we had a BBQ and since The Boy left his camera, I have piccies to share! *WOOP*

So, the first BBQ of the year...

My sister's Birthday cake

Kitty (she had fun lazing in the shade)

And a few more of kitty, eating grass, nuzzling the camera and generally posing!

I WILL scrap these! *lol*


Glen said...

Ooo...those prawns look lush Jenny. Love the pics and the clever arrangement. *Ü* Wasn't it a lovely weekend? I hope you get your essay finished in time. TFS. ~Glen~

Suzy J said...

Hello stranger! was good to bump into you last time I was in the UK.

Lovely pics and Blog Jenny. I'd like to give you an award, feel free to pop on over to my blog to accept it if you'd like. If it's not your kind of thing I won't be offended.


Claireliz said...

that cake is begging to be scrapped :) (& eaten lol)

Leigh said...

Great picces Jenny, your cat is so cute.