Thursday, 6 May 2010

A distinct lack of crafting!

Today, it's all busy. This morning I've taken this sweet little fur baby
To the V-E-T. Where her tail became a bottle brush and she made herself as heavy as possible. Jabs and check up over, she's now curled up in her basket, scowling at the flea/worming drops I've not long put on her!

One cup of coffee later, I was off to town. New shoes were needed. Not an 'I fancy...', need. Lots of trapsing round shops trying on evey shoe, none of which fit as I'm a size 2 1/2 which doesn't exist! BAH!

But I struck a double today. My new work shoes, courtesy of TUK

And shamefully, a pair of New Rocks I've had my eyes on for about 6 months reduces to £33 :D SCORE!

After the shoe shopping escapade, I went to see the History Boys
Not a bad play :) Go see!

And after all that, I'm settling down to further studies While figuring out how to scrap this photo!

My little sister at about 4 being a Raindeer for red nose day. "All you need, mummy, is..." All together now, "Awwww"


Carmen said...

My two most favourite pairs of shoes are TUK - yours are gorgeous, makes me wish I could wear heels! But I can't without falling over :P

Kirsti said...

Ooh lovely shoes honey...I am a bit of non-heel wearer too tho..can still look tho...and that photo of your sister is gorgeous!!! Have a great weekend...Kirsti xox