Saturday, 1 May 2010

After all that bragging

It's time for the great unveiling! I've been on about my Agent Provocature purchases most of the week, and have been good and patient waiting for DP to arrive with his shiny camera so I could take photos! So here they are...

Ok, so they don't look much in the box, but I'm chuffed to bits. The black silk teddy is gorgeous and the bra set is sooo cute! I figured I may as well show you the site photo's, just because the teddy is so stunning! (this is the woman who said she would *never* wear a teddy!)

Thank you for putting up with my lingerie related ramblings! (Oh, and The Boy has promised me a purple set, so there'll be more to com *lol*)


Samm said...

Oooo these are cute!!! you could even perhaps wear the teddy with a long skirt also?