Friday, 9 April 2010

March Go-go and Jeff Dunham

 Some of you may recognise the photo. It's ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham. I got The Boy two tickets to see him in Manchester on 23rd of April as part of his Christmas pressie. Just to be clear, thats TWO tickets, one for him and one for whoever he wants to take with him (i.e not me!) Don't get me wrong, I'd love to go see him, but thats not the point. So when the UKS CC came up that weekend, I was all set for a relaxing weekend scrapping. Then he tells me, no-one else can go and I'll have to. @£$%%*&@@****!!! After a (not so) small paddy (looking forward to the CC) I discovered a craft and hobby exhibition is on in Liverpool that weekend. *YAY* I mention this to said man and get scowled at! So my current thinking is to pack my scrap kit, pilfer his laptop and swear at the hotel if theres no wi-fi in the rooms! Whinge over (for now).

I finally did a little something with my March go-go kit. I WANT THE APRIL ONE SO I CAN DECORATE MY ALBUM!!!! *Breaths* I am calm. The first one is a photo of me last August at a friends BBQ, 'twas good fun that one.

The squares are embossed with UTEE (current obsession) and used a white gel pen to create 'stitches'

The second LO is me at about 10 months or so, having great fun in a wicker bin (yup, I was a wanted child *lol*) I love this photo, and the kit worked so well. The alphas are the hybrids and they are so lush!

Right, thats me done for the day. Have one of the getaway kits to share with you tomorrow. Happy scrapping :D


Ally said...

I love those little squares. Would love to be able to do that.

Kirsti said...

Love the LOs...The black with the bright colours is very effective... And bah to missing the CC - I might actually be able to take part this time - DH is away so will be able to do it guilt will still be around tho but they are easier to fob of!!!