Friday, 2 April 2010

Getaway goodies

Ok, so I know I've been on about the getaway projects for the last few days, but I enjoyed it sooo much! To make it even better, they had a spare space for the October 2010 which I have snaffled from my place on the waitlist! Gutted I can't do March 2011!

So, to business, This was one of Lorraine's classes. I LOVE the papers sooooooo much and had tonnes of fun with this and the tape measure! I even found myself eyeing up tape measures while I was in Newcastle today! *lol* The Boy thought I was nuts!

I love the felt heart too, it's nice and chunky.

It was great fun, and although I have other photo's that are much better, this one balanced the LO sooo well.

The next was one of Vicki's digi classes. This isn't finished, not sure what I'm going to do with it.

The 12x12 was printed with a design and the green ribbon is the only non-digi element! Was so quick and east to put together too.

In other news, I went bra shopping today. Not the type where 'I quite fancy...' The 'I'm wearing the wrong size and need...' kind. Which is long, labourious and BORING! However, I did discover The Boy is rather handy to have on board when doing this. He told me when it looked 'bloody awful' and gave the 'thumbs up' look as appropriate and made it much more enjoyable! I got a turquoise zebra print, a pink zebra print and a lepord print. So rather sucessful. Wonering if I should take pics (no while wearing obv) and scrap them... Hmmm... decisions, decisions, decisions.


Julie said...

Great layouts - I love the heart on the first one - very cute.
Enjoy your Easter Weekend - Ju xx

my5bratz said...

fab LOs, sounds like a more fun way to bra

Jules said...

Lovely LOs, and a fab cat photo!