Friday, 31 May 2013

Forecast Friday: The LOAD inititive - installment 2!

So, May is finally over. This means, so is LOAD. At the beginning of the month, I was a girl with a plan (for full details of this master plan, click here.) I wanted create a LO every day. Not play catch up at the weekends, or do only the weekend prompts. I wanted 31 LO's, one for each day in May.

I did it ^_^ and I am, needless to say, mighty proud of myself. It's a huge achievement for me and I've still done the study I need to **cue smug moment** I've included some of my favourites in this post.

However, the purpose of this post was not simply for me to brag (although I admit I am, and feel a little bragging at this stage is justified), but to evaluate my grand LOAD plan. I started out with some ground rules, a newly-purged stash of supplies and an untidy desk. These rules were as follows:
  • Study and dinner come first. I'm grouchy and unproductive if I don't eat and my degree is more important to me than a scrapbook page.
  • 1 hour per LO. That's it.
  • Stock up on adhesive BEFORE starting. That way, I'm not checking my supply each day and wasting time.

So how did it go? Actually, really smoothly. I watched the video in the morning, went to work, mulled things over, came home, ate, studied, completed chores and scrapped. Even on those days I didn't want to move from the sofa, I created a page. It was even more satisfying knowing I'd earned my scrapping time by completing my study. 

 The 1 hour limit... Lets talk about that for a minute.
Ok, so I was a little flexible. I usually have some idea of where I'm going with the page, if not I just look through my photos or papers until something catches my eye. If, after 10 mins or so I've done nothing constructive or it's not flowing for me, I'd go and do something else. (This only happened three times over the month, I had a shower, got a cuppa and went back to the LO). I don't set an alarm or finish after an hour regardless, just until I'm happy the LO is finished. The longest was 1 hour 30, shortest, 45 minutes.

I didn't feel stressed or under pressure at any point. I just scrapped until I was happy with the page. I have to admit that I have gone back to a couple of the LO's to add an extra layer, journalling or embellishment, but that doesn't mean they weren't finished before that, call it artistic prerogative. 
There were other benefits, out of the 200 papers I pulled out, I now have 67 and a similar size pile of scraps to the pile I started with. I had to refill my embellishment box halfway through the month, so I suspect I will need to restock shortly. I've spent half the month cutting up letter stickers to make the one that was missing (take note - WE NEED MORE VOWELS, S's, R's AND T's) and have made a huge dent in my alpha collection. I now have an excuse to shop and best of all, I won't feel guilty!

 Oh, and yes, I did have enough adhesive!!!
If you want to see my full LOAD, they are in my flickr gallery, please excuse the bad photography. English evenings have not been my friend (although photoshop has helped!) 

Thank you for stopping by, and if you are interested in joining in the next LOAD, stop by LOAD on facebook for more information.