Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pages and planning

Though it was about time I popped back in (and after checking my last post, it would appear I was right!)
Sooo much going on! So heres a quick update:

Paper Geekyness:
Yes, still scrapping! Heres a few of my (not so) recent creations...

Yup, I did a tag, my first EVER! Lots of distressing and great fun. No idea what I'm going to do with it mind... answers on a postcard!

 This was made in January would you believe! While The Boy was out in Afghanistan. I'm dreadful for storing LO's in boxes, recently I remedied this and sorted out my albums, but thats another story. I discovered this in one of said boxes... I love the papers, the misting, the buttons, the photo... the list goes on!

And finally, a rather random LO. Lots of scraps were used and yes, I know, the marigolds aren't in focus, but that's kinda the point. Movement was a big part of this. Oh, and the bright yellow Cosmo Cricket Letters!

The Big Day:

I've had lots of questions about this, so just to update

At the moment I'm working on the stationary side of things, as we've people coming from the US and New Zealand and a few military types, we need to get our 'save the date' cards sorted ASAP. Also, since I want to make my invites, I'm cracking on with them. Ideas welcome!!!

I've also developed an obsession with Pintrest, which has been a great resource and meant I've kicked the magazine habit! Pretty much.

Next up, boquets, buttonholes and table decoration -type-stuff!

Anyone else still wondering where 2011 has gone to? It's almost Christmas!


Claireliz said...

I tend to live by the saying in your fortune cookie lol. Love your pages too,& yes I am wondering where 2011 went, did I blink & miss it (or was I distracted by pretty paper & sparklies) lol:D
C xx