Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meet the family

I'm very much a 'current' scrapbooker, I don't feel the need to scrap chronologicaly and 'catch up' as it were. However, that doesn't mean I don't scrap my older photos (they are mainly of family as I discovered scrapbooking in it's current form quite early as it were)

Recently I was looking through photos to work with September's Scrap a Go Go kit and would up in my 'family' box. I hit the ground running!

This LO is of my dad, this was a typical sight during my childhood, dad sitting, eating toast and marmalade.

This next LO is my sister, demolishing the last of the ice cream, I did have an alternative title, but I'd run out of letters making the previous LO!

I did alot of fussy cutting for this, and it was a sketch inspired LO but I can't remember what! If I figure it out, I'll link it up. (or if you know, drop me a line.)

After these, the family photos have been put back in the box and await the next nostalic kit. Which leads me onto my question, how do you scrap older family photos?


Claireliz said...

Fab layouts Jenny. I tend to scrap really old photos if I'm doing old pics & I mainly do it to have a change from scrapping my DD. I haven't scrapped any for a while, but I'm just about to finally scrap one or two more of my wedding pics, it's our 8th wedding anniversary later this month & a couple of friends who've recently got married inspired me to finally get mine done lol.
C xx