Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Addiction and Birthday Zorbing

Sooo... The scrapping of the other day never actually happened, wedding planning took over. Seriously, I think it should be classed as a psychological illness!!!

We've actually discussed pretty much everything, have three venue's in mind and been to speak to the church for dates. We've not even been engaged a month! An I appear to be hooked on wedding mags. Is it just me? Or has anyone else been through this? Please tell me it passes! *lol*

Anyway, to force myself off weddings, I'm still sorting prints of the billon photos we appar to have taken! Order to be made by the weekend. And I'm back to the world of study, two essays and an exam to go.

Since I've done nothing crafty, I'm going to continue some of my holiday snaps, specifically Zorbing. We did this on my birthday in Rotorua. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!
This is me in my zorb, rolling down the hill...

See the grin, that's what happens when you put me near water. INSTA-GRIN

Me exiting my zorb, classy bird...

And me grinning, ignore the photo hog zorb bloke!!!!

See you next time!


Claireliz said...

Congrats on your engagement sweetie, I must have missed that post :D The zorbing looks wicked, I really want to try that

Winnie said...

Zorbing looks awesome! And yes, I was obsessed with wedding magazines too. Actually, I was obsessed with ANYTHING that had to do with weddings. LOL

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Congrats on the engagement :) Looks like you had a ball (groan) in the zorb. Weddings take over and it will pass I am sure :)

sutty said...

Congratulations - sounds like you are getting it all planned:) The zorbing looks great :)

Jenny said...

That looks like great fun:)
Jennie X

Linda said...

You did the washing machine? Braver than I, we straped in for our but then again we were in Dorset in October! Great photo's you have there, will make a fab LO :)