Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lack of sleep and complimentry polo's

I apologise if this post makes no sense at all (and for any spelling issues)! I've been up since 5:30 this morning, had to travel from Newcastle to Sheffield for a two day workshop. So needless to say I'm shattered! To make it worse, I had to finish my essay. But it's all done, just proofing and editing to do now, I suspect some bits need to be rejigged. Although not tonight.
The meeting was at the Hilton. It's not as glamourous as it sounds, a normal meeting room, flourescent lights and air con! Urgh! But we did get complemetry polos!

What can I say, it amused me!

The hotel isn't what I expected, however, so long as I sleep, I won't care. My only gripe is the lack of a bath! The shower didn't manage to make up for this oversight... Oh, and my room is along a shortcut alley that's randomly noisy. Hmm.. not sure I'll stay here again. But I digress.

Had a play on Big Huge Labs the other day and created this

with the 'photobooth' option. I've got it printed and as I've been meaning to document my studies, it will be appearing on a LO near you soon!!!

Finally I rediscovered some photo's from last year when The Boy had keyhole on his knee having tried to put a ski through it (sideways rather than point ways) some 18 months earlier!

Think they go into the 'must scrap' pile! It'll give me a chance to play with my Banananananana Frog 'It's all about... Arrows' stamps too :D

Right, I'm off to look through the Scrapbook Inspirations Idea's book that I picked up this morning, watch something, anything, on i-player and keel out!


Debsg said...

Ouch! Sounds very painful.

tea_bag said...

I do hope you stay improves, polos how strange?

Carmen said...

Could of at least been complimentary chocolate eh?

Sounds like you are having fun, fun, fun! Hmm :) Will be looking forward to those pages soon.

Glen said...

Ohhh...but they are 'Original'! *Ü* LOL. Love the photo booth thingey. Will give it a try. TFS. ~Glen~

Anne said...

Oh, I love Big Huge Labs! Just discovered your blog - I'll be back!