Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A chance to sleep

Been catching up on sleep and recouperating this week. I fell up (yes, up) the stairs on Monday and gave myself a good ding. Was rather dazed, but all fine now, except for a bruised ego!

I was going to put these up on Monday, but now will do.

This was inspired by DP who rarely has problems eating any dessert! Guess who couldn't finish this chocolate torte (That might have been me getting the camera out mind, but he should be used to this (or have a begrudging acceptance! *lol*))

And this was my moment of confusion after sending my essay. I loved doing the course and want to continue, but the long term plan seems to have escaped me along with my career options. Like life, not all scrapping is fluffy and nice. I've since sorted out a careers advice meeting and looked at ways to improve my study skills. We'll see how things go :)


SHEN said...

great scrapbook pages, i like how you put the papers together, the colors and the textures are fab. xx

Carmen said...

He LEFT chocolate cake? What's wrong with the man? Good luck with the careers meeting. This is just the start of a whole new chapter now :)

Glen said...

Nooo....CHOCOLATE? Pass me the cake and no body gets hurt! *Ü* How could ANYONE not squeeze in dessert? *Shakes head in amazement*! *Ü* Love the layout Jenny and good luck with the meeting. TFS. ~Glen~

Tracy said...

Love your layouts.
I thought my daughter and I were the only ones who fall UP the stairs. We do this a lot.
My daughters are going though a "Where am I going with my life" stage in their lives. Like I tell them, You will figure this out. I just takes time.
Good luck to you.

Darcy said...

How could he leave cake? he needs some serious educating in the art of squeezing those calories in lol

Hope you feel better after your meeting and resume focus.x

Claireliz said...

Those are fantastic LO's Jenny :)LOVE the first one