Tuesday, 30 April 2013


My furbaby, Metro, has a very definite personality. She isn't particularly vocal, but she's good at letting me know when I'm in the muck. While I was living at home, (well, wherever I live is technically home, I know) back with mum, my sister would vocalise these 'moods' as it were, little witticisms that captured the moment. They became known as 'kittyisms' and were eiter written or spoken.

Now, there is only so much paper I can store, my memory is finate and I want to record them somewhere. So, without further ado, here's a transcript of a kittyism left on my desk that I discovered after work one day...

Dear Upright,

   I wish to complain to the management. The daily allowance of kibbles has dropped. It is not acceptable. Positive adjustment is needed to avoid wastage; wastage of me! Now, feed me!!


Yup, one disgruntled kitty...

I'm sure I'll have some more soon. Have a great day.