Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What a beautiful day!

I hope you're all enjoying the glorious sun! I'm doing my best while being stuck in an office for 8 hours a day! I'm just hoping it holds out for the weekend. *fingers crossed*

I've got one sulky cat, she's been to the V...E...T and has been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. So, it's 2-4 weeks of tablets then an operation. She's not happy with the tablets.

Funny though, she likes the antibiotics she'll get after the op!

Anyhow, on to crafty stuff. Last weekend, I hauled my ass (and a suitcase) accross to Warrington to Sarah's Cards retreat. I had an awesome time (and spent *WAY* too much money!) Would you believe, I've finished all 6 of the class LO's too! There were a few that were *far* too taxing for last thing Friday night/first think Saturday morning. I can't remember which LO belonged to which class, so you'll have to bare with me...

Check out Sarah's Cards blog for the who's who's Layouts!

I'm off to do some invitation research, now I've figured out paper roses!!!


My simple life said...

great layouts, well done getting them all finished :)