Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Scrap kits

Ok, I'm on a mission, to use up some stash. Seriously, I've got paper that I've had since I started scrapping that I adore, but just haven't used. And it needs to be used, paper isn't only for stroking, no, really it isn't. If it's in my album, I can gaze on the prettiness forever. If it's in my stash, after a period of time, it becomes rather uninspiring, but still pretty. So today, I'm prattling about kits.

I'm a proper sucker for kits, I don't know about you. Currently, I subscribe to Scrap-a-Go-Go, but if that's not your cup of tea, there are tonnes to choose from, Sarah's Cards, The Craftz Boutique, Studio Calico, Cocoa Daisy to name just a few. (Seriously, there are loads!) It's a great way to scrap, all the matching has been done for you.

Before you berate me for buying yet more stash while rattling about using things up, there is method to my madness. It makes me try papers and combinations I wouldn't have, which broaden my horizens and kits aren't the only way I scrap, I wind up with scraps from making pages, I've got papers I bought because I love them. But they all need to be used.

With that in mind, rather than buying a kit, I started making my own. The kits came about because I got withdrawal symptoms at the thought of being away for a weekend without being able to scrapbook. This inspired me to make some page kits to take with me on said weekend away. I did absolutely no scrapping that weekend, but putting the kits together was fun (as has been using them!)

So, this is one I came up with. It contains 6 full sheets of paper/cardstock, some embelishments a few scraps and a some photos. I wanted them to be page kits rather than all out kits as they were intended to be a 'quick fix' for me. These are the two LO's from the kit. I could have done more, but I didn't.

I've had this background paper for 2 years and the same goes for the woodgrain brown, which was in one of my first go-go kits (think 3 years +). For me, that's too long. It felt so good to finally use it.

This LO used some Pebbles chipboard elements (I've no idea when or how I got these, mystery box springs to mind though).

I'm pretty chuffed with the finished LO's, I've used up paper I love that I didn't know what to do with, some scraps and some embellies I've had forever! Added bonus, I no longer feel guilty about keeping those papers for so long, or buying the pretty ones but not using them straight away.

If you've not yet tried a kit club, have a look at this article on Paperclipping. It doesn't really cover any UK kit clubs, but it's informative and check out the comments too. Also, check out UKS here for UK based kit clubs.

If you fancy having a go yourself and DIY-ing it, have a look at this article by Tami Taylor which *really* covers DIY in a nutshell IMO. Just a quick note - I found for page kits, 2-3 'solids' or cardstock and 2-3 patterned papers worked well (along with some scraps). For all out kits, I've found 4-6 'solids' or cardstock and 8-10 sheets of patterned paper seems to be a good ratio. Oh! and don't forget some alphas! Yes, voice of experiance!

And finally, if you're struggling with colours and things that work, check out Shimelle's Explore class, specifically week three. It has lots of valuble information that seemed to reinvent page kits for me.

So, there's my tupenny worth on making your own kits (and using stash and scraps). Hope it's inspired you to use your stash!


Jingle said...

Great layouts!!! I really love that top one!

Becky said...

Love that you make your own kits, and just because, not for any real reason other than to use up your stash!

Your layouts turned out great! I love all the embellishments on the first one!

My simple life said...

Love the layouts. :) I make kits from my papers too but still have way too much!

Claireliz said...

Fab layouts, I've been using stuff up for ages now & you know first hand what I'm like when let loose in a craft shop. I love making new kits out of old, infact I could do with making a few up for the weekend, means I might get some scrapping done instead of staring at stash.

TwinTrouble said...

Absolutely Love the layouts hun... I like creating page kits, but always get the urge to use them as i'm making them... LOL

I need to create some scrapping time when i've finished the house clearance... lots of GoGo Kits to use so I can start subbing again ;D

Rach H said...

I adore these layouts! The pictures are fabulous!!!

Denise said...

wonderful layouts. found you from CD and so glad you piped in and said hello. will be back!

lisa said...

Love your LO's Jenny. So pleased you came and said 'Hi' at Cocoa Daisy
: )

Amy Kingsford said...

I love how you used all of the bits and piece in your "Being a Girl" so many charming little details!