Friday, 13 April 2012

It's starting to come together...

At long last! The wedding planning that is. Invitations are being made, bouquets and buttonaires glued & stitched, menu's chosen etc etc.

I'm sure at some point I will actually photograph what I'm doing, but for now, I'll be content with just telling you all!

In the world of paper, there is nothing more pleasing than a box of new goodies. I placed a 2 Peas order & it arrived ^_^ And I didn't take a photo. I know, I'm rubbish.

I have, however been doing some pages for my New Zealand album, which I did take photos of.

There is journalling here, I just hadn't written it when I took the photo.
 It was written by The Boy for our wedding website and goes like this:

Picture the scene if you will.......

Nearing the end of the holiday of a lifetime,
A beautiful lake in New Zealand, with an equally stunning lakeside restaurant.
I had already decided that this was to be the time and the place.

The main course was finished, the girlfriend was perusing the dessert list when I got down on one knee and told her that she was my world, that I loved her dearly etc. In fact all of the things I felt she ought to know before I actually popped the question as it were.......

Around five seconds after I started talking, Jennifer showed her sense of occasion with the words "sit back down you silly bugger, you're making a scene!"

Gladly the situation rescued itself moments later when Jen looked straight down, saw the ring sat in its box in my outstretched hands and I think her jaw hit the floor.

As you may of guessed by now, I managed to ask her without any other form of interruption and she said yes.

Addenum - after saying yes, she immediately burst into tears - she claims tears of joy, I still say they were tears of realisation.

So, one happy restaurant later - we had alot of congratulations and I have a page for my album ^_^

And finally for this evening, Welcome to Hells Gate, yes, the fumes really are visable. The stench of sulpher is EVIL! but it looks amazing and is a barren landscape surrounded by lush greenery.

Now I'm off to sleep. I've a relationship workshop tomorrow teaching me how to communicate with my partner when things ain't working out... I have no polite comments to make here, so I'll suffice with not making one.

Oh, and the cat is snoring. Bless her fluffy paws.