Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My day in pictures

Hope you had an awesomely sunny day!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And it's nearly May

A double bank holiday too nevertheless! Ok, so the weather isn't as good as New Zealand, but it was just as changeable and nearly as toasty! (And my neighbours BBQ got washed out much to my amusement!)
And the sun sets were pretty awesome too!

So who did what with their Easter? (and who made themselves sick eating too much chocolate??) I've spent most of it sitting aimlessly in my scrap room. Typical really, 4 days off and the mojo has an extended holiday! Kinda glad I held back a couple of LO's the other weekend, that way I have some scrap related stuff for you. I also took some time out think, yup think. Just a little space from Facebook, Forums and blogging....

This first LO I wanted to share is my sister at a very early age, it really is the sweetest picci ever!
And one of me...
But like I say, these are from the other weekend.

Therefore, I have a question to pose. What do you do when your mojo does a runner? Do you, like me, sit and mope about, or do you lap up every blog/class/magazine to find some inspiration? Perhaps you have a favourite site? Can't wait to see where you go.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Two essays and an exam

and I'll have finished another year with the OU. I've spent this weekend writing one which is due in on Wednesday. I'd rather have spent it out in the sun or in the conservatory crafting my little heart out. Hoping for awesome weather next weekend too.

Despite not getting anything crafty done, I did manage to photograph the LO's I did the other week. They were all made with February's Scrap-a-go-go kit. I'm trying to use up my kits as I've now got a 5 month backlog and a very packed paper box with no room for expansion so I need to keep scrapping!

It looks better IRL, but since I used crackle paint, the paper has buckled and I haven't got aroung to straightening it. Also haven't got around to fiddling with the colours, it's not as insipid as it looks! Honest! *lol*

This is a friend of mine, Becca, at a BBQ a few years ago. It was one of those shots that just happened and well... you can guess the rest from the title! And if not, don't worry about it!

I'll leave you with a couple more holiday snaps, yes, I AM trying for holiday slideshow death! *mwahahahahahah*

Orewa beach, a 5 min drive from where we stayed on our first night. This was what we did on our first morning, breakfast then beach! Awesomeness ^_^

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Is it really nearly Monday???

Sadyl, it would appear so. Much to my disappointment. I've been *uber* busy this weekend, Friday was study day, with a crafty interlude between 3-7 pm. I did four LO's but haven't photographed them. Saturday, work followed by a wedding fair (we have our venue! (pending confirmation)) and alot of discussion. Sunday, car hunting and another wedding fair. I'm consoling myself with having the Church and Venue sorted by Tuesday I don't have to do anything until after my exams.

So since I've no LO piccies, I'm going to continue holibob snaps. Today: River Surfing. Note to others; this is a really physically draining activity, silly awesome fun, but I was knackered!!! You basically go down a grade 2 white water rapid on a body board. If you want to know more, click here. If you'd rather watch me and the boy going through it, keep reading!!!
Heres our group at the beginning:

And the compulsary silly shot

The guides for this venture were really rather cute and sadly not phtographed enough, but this photo of me crashing (yup, they're a bugger to steer) has the rather cute Bjorn in the background, complete with sexy Swedish accent! ^_^

Here's me looking super attentive, although I'm surprised I'm not drooling!!!

And some action shots:

And, super cool video, there is more, but I'm not sure how it will effect the loading time of my blog!

Although, seriously, if you get the chance, try it!

On an odd not, I'm thinking of moving Inky Paws over to Wordpress... I would value ANY input/opinions please!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Addiction and Birthday Zorbing

Sooo... The scrapping of the other day never actually happened, wedding planning took over. Seriously, I think it should be classed as a psychological illness!!!

We've actually discussed pretty much everything, have three venue's in mind and been to speak to the church for dates. We've not even been engaged a month! An I appear to be hooked on wedding mags. Is it just me? Or has anyone else been through this? Please tell me it passes! *lol*

Anyway, to force myself off weddings, I'm still sorting prints of the billon photos we appar to have taken! Order to be made by the weekend. And I'm back to the world of study, two essays and an exam to go.

Since I've done nothing crafty, I'm going to continue some of my holiday snaps, specifically Zorbing. We did this on my birthday in Rotorua. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!
This is me in my zorb, rolling down the hill...

See the grin, that's what happens when you put me near water. INSTA-GRIN

Me exiting my zorb, classy bird...

And me grinning, ignore the photo hog zorb bloke!!!!

See you next time!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Silly stuff in New Zeland

And a little scrapping. I only did a coule of LO's in Feb, and I've only photographed one! *oops*

But here it is
In honour of my sister's love of pears. And believe it or not, I'm in the scrap room now!!! For the first time in two whole months!!!!! XD

I'm slowly getting photos uploaded for a massive print order, really looking forward to them. But I can share a few stories before they all go on LO's.

In Waitomo we went black water rafting through the glow worm caves. IT WAS AWESOME!!!
First a 30-something-foot absail into the caves

A splash into an underwater river on a rubber tube
Face first down an underwater slide
We climbd up waterfalls, but sadly no photos from that bit as the guide were busy... Crawled through holes
And climbed out of the cave
It was ALOT of fun! Would love to do it again too.

Anyhow, off to the crafting for me, oh glue dots, how I've missed you! XD